Topps Digital Finally Gets Garbage Pail Kids Into the Mix For the 2016 Election

Kind of interesting that with each new tease of a new app in the works, the digital collectors out there always want more of their favorite disgusting cabbage patch kid parodies. Garbage Pail Kids has been around forever, and when I was growing up, I had pages of the cards in my collection. I loved that they were designed to be off the wall and gross, and for a 10 year old boy, that was important.


Over the last year, Topps has used the election as a way to bring Garbage pail kids to the on demand trading card market, and now we are finally getting them to use as stickers for the new iPhone functionality. Its not the full app that a lot of people are looking for, but I have to say that Im not sure a full app could be supported by GPK. Although there is a lot of content, it seems quite difficult to imagine how the licensing and chases would work.

That being said, its cool that they found a way to still utilize the content, as I think it has been really quite well done over the course of the primaries and conventions. Now that the election is coming to a head, culminating in one of the nastiest battles I have ever seen, it only makes this type of commentary that much more funny.

It also opens the door for further content, as its clear that the update to iOS has provided a lot of opportunity to add digital properties to the fold without paying the extreme costs to launch an entire app.

Cant wait to see what is coming next, especially when we finally get to see this dogfight in November come to a close.

You can download the stickers here if you are interested.

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1 Response to Topps Digital Finally Gets Garbage Pail Kids Into the Mix For the 2016 Election

  1. ribors says:

    It would be great if they introduced an app along the lines of Quidd that they could add some of these smaller properties under one banner…maybe a generic “Non-Sports” app. I’d love some Garbage Pail Kids, but agree the market may be limited for a full scale app.

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