Upper Deck Adds Intrigue to Ultimate Collection Hockey on e-Pack with Quest Challenge

Image result for ultimate collection hockey logoI think e-Pack has come a very long way in how they create content to be delivered in the digital and physical elements of their program. We saw that Goodwin Champions had some great chase content that led to some potentially high value prizes, and it looks like that was only the beginning.

Starting now and running until Jan 29th, e-Pack collectors will have an opportunity to piece together achievements delivered by cards from packs of Ultimate Collection Hockey. Being the top collector in any number of specific categories will qualify users for some prizes that include exclusive physical content. For a concept that includes both a digital and physical element to the chase, this is pretty cool all around. In seeing some of what the prizes entail, Im a bit tempted to really dive in deep and try to score some of the content.

Here is how it works. When you open packs of Ultimate Collection hockey, each card is assigned a red shield that displays how many Quest points that card is worth. Collect enough of the points, move up the leaderboard in specific categories, get prizes. More cards = more points, so the more packs you open, the more you trade, the more Quest points you can get.

Adding fuel to the fire, there are avatars that will be available in game as well, showcasing participation and progress for the users who get into the game. In other digital collecting programs, this type of badge of honor is important to showcasing clout within the community, and I see that being similar here.


For a contest that is built around a super premium product like Ultimate Hockey, programs like this entice collectors to open the packs online just to get the extra gameplay element. I think its a GREAT idea, especially considering how difficult it is to remain profitable for people opening these packs on a regular basis. If you were already going to open a few cases, this now makes that experience quite a bit more valuable.

I think that this will hopefully extend out to new products that hit the store eventually, because its obvious that this is a way to engage the competitive nature of collectors who want to show off their wares. I have often said that competition of this type is what is missing across digital as a whole, especially with how many of us collect just to show off how much we have.

My interest in e-Pack has increased significantly over the last few months, more so now that Upper Deck is really starting to invest more and more into their digital strategy. It has become so much more attractive in obtaining product, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contests like e-Pack Quest are setup to bring value to opening packs on the application, and I dont see that very many other places around the physical card industry. The entire offering was already one of the first Super Premium sets to be offered online in this fashion, and all these extra achievement based contests just make things that much more interesting.

Cant wait to see what comes next.

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