Derek Jeter Returns to Topps and Bunt

Well, we know there are a lot of Yankee fans in Bunt, and we know that ToppsMike is one of them. As Jeter’s retirement approached, we knew that licensing was going to be an issue until Topps found a way to secure rights for him outside of the MLBPA. Now that Topps has announced a new deal, I think its safe to say that Jeter’s return will be welcomed with open arms.jeter-topps-bunt

If you remember back to 2014, Topps released two sig cards in Bunt that remain among the most coveted in the app, even two years later. Jeter’s signature series card is an iconic example of the distance Bunt was able to go within the market back when the last major update to the app took place. It still sells for considerable money when they come up on eBay, and dont even bother trying to trade for one.

Because there are so many Yankee fans in the app, these types of players enjoy a status that is unlike most of the retired stars that Topps has under contract. It extends to the physical side as well, especially considering that Jeter hasnt had a licensed signature card since Upper Deck lost their physical baseball license back in 2009-2010. That’s a lifetime in the hobby, and now that his cards will be making their long awaited premiere on both sides of the aisle, Im curious what might be next as Topps looks to solidify their place in digital.

Hopefully we start to see many more opportunities to bring fan favorite players into the fold, but this has to be one of the bigger ones we have seen and will see for a while.

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