2016 NFL Playoffs: Top Players to Chase

The playoffs are here, and I could not be more excited. Although my team didnt make it, there are a lot of reasons to still be excited, even if you are like me. Huddle should be starting up with the playoffs this week, and this should include a number of programs in which users will be able to participate. Here are the players I would chase for both types of contests.

Fantasy Style Contests

Aaron Rodgers – There is no hotter team right now than the Packers, much to my dismay. In the last few games, the former MVP has thrown for 8 TDs and ZERO interceptions. The only drawback to picking him up is that the Packers have an injury riddled defense, and could easily get bounced early.

Tom Brady – I think he is the MVP of the season, and that’s with missing 4 games. As a team, the Patriots threw 2 interceptions all year, and Brady’s QB rating was 110 plus. Even though that stat isnt a prime indicator, its still part of the picture. The only issue is that he will miss next week on the bye, which makes his cards a bit less valuable than teams that play both weeks.

Matt Ryan – Another top MVP candidate, and one that is again missing next week because of the bye. He threw for a ton of TDs and very few interceptions, much like the aforementioned individuals, and should have a good shot at a deep run.

Bobby Wagner – Going to throw a twist in here, because this dude had a ridiculous season. He is a tackling machine, which means he will rack up points like nobody’s business. The Seahawks are playing Detroit at home, which is almost a lock to move on. Wagner could end up being the top card in the game if the Seahawks go deep.

Conventional Type Contests

Ezekiel Elliott – This is the guy to pick up if you are going to grind it out. Tons of yards, lots of TDs, catches passes out of the backfield. He will be rookie of the year, even if he didnt break Eric Dickerson’s record. There are a lot of recent boosts out there, might want to get your hands on a few.

Jordy Nelson – I mentioned Rodgers had thrown 8 TDs over the last few weeks, and this guy caught most of them. He is hotter than hell right now, and if the past has any indicator, he will have quite the game to start the playoff run.

Julian Edelman – Much like Nelson, Edelman has been on fire as well. He gets lots of targets, and with so few available receivers in New England, he should rack up points when you need to switch him in.

Antonio Brown – This guy averages something like 9 catches a game in the playoffs. Its ridiculous how good he can be, and if he takes over next week, you want him in bulk. Outside of him, I cant really name another Steelers receiver, which bodes well for his chances at getting a ton of points.

Le’veon Bell – Much like Zeke took the NFL by storm in the NFC, Bell had a tremendous season on the AFC side. He didnt play part of the year due to suspension, and was still in the top 5 for rushing yards and TDs.

Jay Ajayi – If the Dolphins cant get Ryan Tannehill on the field, Ajayi will carry the brunt of the load coming out of the backfield. Matt Moore just isnt a great QB, and going against the Steelers will put heavy pressure on the running game to perform. They will likely lose, but get some Ajayi goods just in case.

Odell Beckham Jr – Look at the Packers’ secondary. They are trash scrubs that are there because no one else is healthy enough to play. If Eli is half the QB he has been in previous playoff run, OBJ could have some insane amount of yards and like 8 TDs in one game. This is a guy I am going nuts and picking up a ton.

This the best time of year, and I cannot wait to see what goes down in the next few days. Get ready, because the tidal wave is coming. Grab a surf board and sack up, lets get going.

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1 Response to 2016 NFL Playoffs: Top Players to Chase

  1. Harry Williams Jr says:

    How does Huddle distribute playoff cards? Will everyone have a chance to obtain these or are they available to a select few (Top 100 in points)?

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