Special Kris Bryant Redemptions Offered at Topps 65th Anniversary Party

If you are a physical card collector, you no doubt heard about Topps Transcendent Baseball, released this year as the most expensive baseball product ever released. It retailed for over $25,000 for a few hundred autographed cards, including the top names in the sport and entertainment. As part of the 65 boxes that were offered, each included an invitation to a special party, which took place this past weekend in Las Vegas.

As part of the event, attendees got to meet Kris Bryant himself, and walked away with some awesome giveaways, one of which was a digital redemption for Bunt, numbered to 65 and featuring the league MVP.

These cards are the first of their kind, offered as special giveaway, and when they are added to the sheet coming up, I have a feeling they might end up being some of the more sought after cards of the year.

Not only are they extremely rare, but they look awesome to boot, something that will add to the number of people who were already going to chase these cards. Bottom line, I hope this spells a longer plan to get more high end type cards out there into the physical world, as I think it provides a great incentive for digital users to start ripping physical packs.

With the release of Topps Series 1 coming soon, we may get more on the sheet sooner rather than later.

2016 bunt transcendent kris bryant.PNG

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