Football is Back: Topps Huddle 2018 Launch Thoughts

2018 Topps Huddle 1

When I started with Topps Digital, my main focus was Huddle. I downloaded the app and created my original account when the app was in its first year, and never looked back. The launch of the new build has become my favorite part of each year, and 2018 is no different. With so many things up in the air around digital cards, its great to see Huddle take center stage and knock it out of the park.


Well, as expected, the changes delivered to all of the other Topps apps have come to Huddle. Diamonds, cosmetic changes, and functionality that we saw across the other titles have finally come to Huddle. I like the costmetic changes after having some time to mess around with them in Bunt and SW, and I dont think any one has scoffed at the update there. Things are faster, better looking and animated the same way we see in other apps we play.


I get it, you either love this or you hate this change to the apps. Adding a secondary currency as we see in a lot of other digital apps is not unheard of, and its clear that this is the way Topps has chosen to go for the foreseeable future. Im not going to sit here and try to defend this adjustment, its been hashed and rehashed to death in the articles and twitter for the last few months. As someone who buys and doesnt really care about F2P scenarios, this doesnt change anything for me, and thus doesnt matter to my gameplay. I would be buying either way, and buying diamonds vs coins is of no consequence. I understand others feel differently, but when you are ordering water at the bar vs shots and cocktails, you have to understand the priority will be different.

I will say this – with the release of Relics today, the ebay vultures are not up and running. That means better in game value and a happy experience for those that spend. Finally we get something for dedicating our funds.


Let me start by saying TOPPSCOREY is a goliath among men. Not only is he the best at what he does, he does it so well I fear he will get taken away for better projects. The base design is an update over 2017, when Huddle had its first digital exclusive look, and boy did he do a great job.

Looking at the marathons, including the recently released Relic and Street series, he clearly knows how much attention to detail matters in the construction of a good looking card. Its the little things that matter, and Corey knows what the hell he is doing and then some. Cant say enough good things.

App Strategy

With base cards only reaching 2.0x as opposed to the card exchange strategy of Bunt’s 10x golds, its obvious that boosts are going to be back en force for 2018. Im not opposed, especially because of how much fun the contests were last year, but Im curious what might be a different approach. Is this really the best way of doing things, or is there a hybrid strategy that works just as well.

Topps huddle 4 elliott

In observance of the awesome level rewards, contest content has to be as good – if not better. As long as the Huddle team puts some beef behind that part of the app, we will all reap the rewards. Contests need to be unique with exclusive promotions, or all those diamonds spent on attaining special cards wont continue to flow the way they have. Churning out the same structure for 17 straight weeks will be a death sentence, and I hope they understand how variety is the spice of life.

Either way – Huddle has made its worth known around two things. App wide gameplay participation, and super premium content. If those things change, I hope some aspect of both remains. Releasing a ton of content with no premium gives no incentive to spend, and I wish the experience of the off-season would reign over the strategy planning for 2018. Although you cant swing the pendulum too far either direction, offering something for the whales along side the F2P crowd brings about a hierarchy that breeds benefit all around.

First Take

I love what my experience has been in Huddle since 2013. Its been a fun albeit bumpy ride. That doesnt mean that things arent going to be awesome this year. We have rookies in the initial set, and we get some great content already flowing from day one. Not everyone is going to be happy, but I can say this year is already off to a good start. As long as the balance between premium content and community wins is maintained, we should have a great year to experience. Cant wait to see what is going to happen and what surprises the team is going to bring to the table.

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