Super Bowl XLII: Surviving the Run to the Big Game

Im glad I run a blog and not a podcast, because I have no voice right now. After going absolutely bananas last night, Im dead. That being said, this is a huge week for Huddle, as its clear that everyone has two things on their mind. First is who is going to win on Sunday and the second is what might be coming for releases as we lead up to the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and the like. Hold onto your butts, its going to be a lot.

Contest Strategy – Collection Building

Right now, there are 8 teams whose collectors are looking to complete sets now that the season is over. If you are not collecting the set, now is the time to reach out to those collectors and find out what you can get. You are going to have to give up a lot of eliminated players to get cards for the four remaining teams, but if you are short on boosts, this is a must execute strategy to stay in this.

Secondly, the strategy I outlined for getting the bigger cards in previous posts still holds true. If you are playing in the limited move or fantasy contests, you will need the purples and golds, and you will need a lot of them. If you dont have a lot to work with, try to work with Defense as your targets, especially with Jacksonville and Minnesota still in it.

Here are the list of players I would be targeting for limited move contests otherwise:

  1. Tom Brady – duh.
  2. Case Keenum – Not a lot of cards in the game, not many boosts
  3. Nick Foles – See above
  4. Leonard Fournette – Bortles will struggle throwing the ball
  5. Blake Bortles
  6. Rob Gronkowski
  7. Latavius Murray
  8. Jay Ajayi
  9. Brandin Cooks
  10. Keelan Cole

In all honesty, if you ran 5 Brady, 3 Keenum and 3 Foles for the Fantasy lineup, you should be fine. The Jags defense might be the one team that matches up quite well with the Patriots too, which could pose some great opportunities to score points in the 50 move contests. Dont just expect Tom Brady to pass for 500 yards like Roethlisberger. Its going to be a different approach without a receiver like Antonio Brown on the field. Rob Gronkowski is a force of nature, but Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith are fast as hell. We will see.

Content / Upcoming Releases and Setting Expectations

First off, there are still a few more batches of Playoff Signatures to come. Brady will be one. So will Foles and Keenum. That’s a lot to expect, and you should get in on the drop as soon as it hits.

We also saw some semi-limited content hit card exchange today, and it sold out in like 2 minutes. More will come, and I hope its as good as what we got today. I havent seen a lot of playoff branded stuff hit so far, outside of the giant base set and sigs. That means one of two things. Either they are holding back for the next few weeks or they are grossly under-prepared for this run. Both are equally scary.

We know there is a Super Bowl base set on the way. They already said that. We also know that there will be some sort of box drop that happens between now and Super Bowl sunday, as per previous months’ expectations. Same goes for Topps Now and the normal stuff that hits every week.

I would like to see a few things before we get to that point, and I hope they dont think that skating by on the remaining marathon releases is enough. It would be awesome to get a playoff themed box drop. Something like Dynasty or a big name like that would literally blow the roof off the joint.

Additionally, we need some sort of super premium release, and I sincerely want them to do something crazy like we saw with Black Ice in Bunt. Whether its a drop of low number Limited, something like Playoff Legends, or whatever. It doesnt matter as long as there are a ton of crazy low count cards and it looks as awesome as it has in the other apps.

The community is ready to rock with money to spend for this time of year, as we have seen. More importantly, the Pats are primed to make a run at ANOTHER title, and some amazing stories behind the Vikings possibly playing a Super Bowl at home are just nuts. Add in the Minnesota Miracle from last night, and every single person in Huddle is dying for some amazing stuff to chase.

As much as I want to say to save your money, dont. This is the best time of year for Huddle and I think that if you are going to spend, this is the time to do it. Even with that prospect in play, the Huddle team needs to BRING IT and BRING IT HARD. The fact they havent done so quite yet is a bit concerning. At least there is a lot of time yet, but we need the big stuff to drop or at least some sort of breakdown of what is coming.

Survival Mode

If you are just looking to hang on and find a way for it all to work out, there are ways to do that. Not only can you play in contests without risking any coins or diamonds, but you can win some awesome looking cards.

Secondly, the playoff challenge is your opportunity to get diamonds that were never available to F2P users, and that is pretty huge. Through trades and coins, there are a lot of ways to participate, and the fact that everyone can participate free is just enormous.

Dont be tempted by offers that are not in line with your goals – especially if you arent going to spend. Pick a line and stick to it. Either be a collector or a contest player, and get to it.

Lastly, enjoy the run – even more so if your team is still alive. I have never been so excited in my life, and I dont think that is going to change. The same should be said for everyone.


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