Plays of the Day – 4/13

If you are looking to score some points today, here are some of the cards I would consider adding to your lineup as the games start.


Pitchers – No cards for the starters are in the game

Hitters – Joey Votto has been a great start over the last few days, and because he has had all levels of rarity since day one, he can be pretty easy to get. If you have one of the SR Longoria cards, he might be worth a look too, but they are harder to get in your collection due to rarity.


Pitchers – No cards for the starters are in the game

Hitters – Justin Upton has had 3 ridiculous point totals in a row, but he is always a risk due to the fact that he strikes out a lot and plays in the OF. Im much more likely to play Adam Laroche or Jayson Werth, but with only a few games going at noon, you can add Upton for his first few at bats before the second wave of games starts.


Pitchers – Buehrle is a bit of a risk because of his age and lack of control over the last few starts, but I am playing him regardless. When he is locked in, he is tough to beat. Worth the risk.

Hitters – Melky Cabrera and Jose Bautista have been a solid play since day one. With both just recently getting more levels of rarity, pick up a boost or too and add them to your lineup.


Pitchers – Henderson Alvarez is a solid start. I would definitely play him as long as he in the game. He has gotten some Ks along with his IP, so this could be a higher scoring pitcher card for the day.

Hitters – Ryan Howard has done well as of late, and its hard to end in negative points as a 1B with a pitcher who gets lots of ground balls.


Pitchers – Kyle Lohse is a great start today as Pitt has not been all that hot at the plate and the Brewers are playing out of their mind. They have a great defensive team, and Lohse should have a lot of run support to calm him down.

Hitters – START JONATHAN LUCROY AND CARLOS GOMEZ. All I have to say about that. Some of the hottest hitters in the game right now.


Pitchers – I am advising against starting Kevin Correia, as he is about as risky a start as any pitcher right now. KC has some big bats in Butler and Gordon, and he gives up HR which kills point value. If you have no one else, go for it, but there are a lot of games going on at this point so it may be better to start someone else.

Hitters – I love Joe Mauer, and his card has only had one game all season in negative points. That is pretty impressive. Cheap win for some points if you are starving. Check the lineup though – he may be getting a day off today.


Pitchers – Both Kluber and Quintana are worth a look for some points. Im more likely to start Kluber against the White Sox than Quintana against Kipnis, Santana and the more powerful indians lineup though.

Hitters – Jason Kipnis has been a beast as of late when it comes to points, plus he gets the points for all the POs at 2B.


Pitchers – No pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – Rizzo has been amazing all year, add him for some points today. I dont see any negative points on his record. Matt Adams is another great start with some major potential for power. Rizzo has to face Wacha, which I am a bit more wary of than Jackson.


Pitchers – Olberholzer has been a solid start if you have him. He may give up some runs against TEX’s lineup, but Beltre is out, so he may not have as many issues.

Batters – Definitely start Elvis Andrus. Playing great in points lately.


Pitchers – CJ Wilson is maybe one of the best starts for a pitcher today. Should come away with some points. Watch him blow it just because I said this.

Hitters – Trout if you must. Has had a few good games in a row, but nothing spectacular lately. Not facing a great pitcher, so that is a plus.


Pitchers – No pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – Hard to argue with starting last week’s POW in Charlie Blackmon, but any of the COL infield is worth a look. All have been playing great.


Pitchers – Cahill is not a horrible start, but the Dodgers have been hitting well as of late. A little bit of a risk.

Hitters – Adrian Gonzales is a great play at first. Has had a great week so far, pts potential across the board including defense.


Pitchers – No pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – I like Cespedes as a playable card as of late, but Smoak is really the play for hitters. Donaldson has had too many negative games for me to play him regularly.


Pitchers – SCHERZER! Rarely a bad game and one of the best ERA type pitchers with some K potential.

Hitters – You can play Cabrera because there are not many other people going at this point. Hasnt had a ridiculous year so far, but he will eventually come around.


Pitchers – No pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – I cant believe I am saying this but all the guys aside from Gardner who have cards in the game are a big risk. At least there will be a SNB insert release! That’s always fun.






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