Plays of the Day – 4/14

All night games tonight, so your starting lineup may experience some major traffic. Mondays are tough with half a slate of games, so choose wisely.


Pitchers – Chen is one of the only pitchers of the day for any game, so its going to be a must play. He has been good through his two starts so far, so it shouldnt be a disaster.

Hitters – I like former rookie of the year Wil Myers in this game. He has success against BAL, and this looks like a good game for him. He has had some negative games as of late, but this is his day. Longoria SR is also a good play.


Pitchers – No pitchers in this game have cards

Hitters – Justin Upton has been on a tear, hitting four HR in his last four games. START him. For PHI, Ryan Howard had ANOTHER good game yesterday and should be in your lineup.


Pitchers – Jordan Zimmermann is starting and I would play him. Not many pitchers going today.

Hitters – If you have Giancarlo Stanton, I would play him too. He has had back to back negative games only once this season. Adam LaRoche is coming off another game with a HR, and as a 1B, he should go too.


Pitchers – no pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – I said to start Joey Votto yesterday, and you reaped the rewards if you did. Today is no different. He is one of the hottest in the game. PIT’s pitching hasnt been all that great this year, and he should have another big game.


Pitchers – no pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – Most of the hitters available here are pretty cold, but if you have to start someone, I would go with Alex Rios or Justin Smoak.


Pitchers – Lance Lynn is a tough start here, only because MIL is literally the best team in baseball. I would only start him if you dont have any of the other pitchers going today.

Hitters – The entire Brewers lineup? Ha. Yadier Molina and Matt Adams continue to be good starts with almost every game in positive points. Matt Carpenter is also a goodie for the Cardinals. Other than that, Gomez and Lucroy for the Brew Crew are doing amazing.


Pitchers – Wheeler is probably the start of the day, although he may give up some HR to ARI’s lineup.

Hitters – Aaron Hill has been putting up solid points lately, as has Goldschmidt. I would start either.


Pitchers – no pitchers have cards in the game

Hitters – Trout is a GREAT start here, he has been playing well as of late, but Cespedes and Donaldson are also nice. With earlier games getting done, there will be room for all of them.


Pitchers – Stults is a good play here, with most of the earlier game pitchers being done.

Hitters – Believe it or not, Yonder Alonso may be the safest play in this game. Tulo is always good for a few points too.

Good luck everyone, the new week starts today! Get going on those awards!

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