Card Count Primer for Newer Users

I have had a lot of questions through twitter lately on the card count indicator on the back of each Bunt Card. Its located in the bottom left corner of the back of the card, which you can access by tapping the card from your card list, and tapping again near one of the corners to flip it over.

What is the Card Count?

Card count is the number of that particular card in circulation game wide.

Here is how to access the count:

Courtesy of Topps Bunt

Photo Courtesy of Topps Bunt App

Additionally, once a user has a card, its theirs unless they trade it away. Card counts may be inflated because users will leave the game, but their cards stay active. Just because there are 1500 of the card in the count, doesn’t mean all 1500 will be available for trading.

Secondarily, unless a card is sold out as indicated on the card sheet, more will likely (but not always) be available in packs. That’s why its usually better to trade inserts and hot cards when the count is lower – as they will be more valuable to the collectors that want them. Less supply = more demand.

The card count indicator is updated daily as more users open packs. Be advised that as card counts increase, the card values decrease. Not always though.

Understanding card counts when trading

  • 0 – card is brand new, likely. Does not mean there are 0 in circulation though. To see if any have been pulled from packs, pull up the “all cards” card sheet and try initiating a trade. This number will increase after the next day’s updates.
  • 1-100 – Incredibly rare (at this point). SR inserts with this card count are going to be very hard to pull and very hard to trade for. Don’t offer commons.
  • 100-1000 – These cards are a bit more available, but when it comes to inserts, you will still have to come strong when trading.
  • 1000-5000 – Inserts can be in this range, especially if they are released early and are still in packs. Still worth considering they will be harder to get. Most of the Super Rare base cards are going to fall in this category at this point, and are likely to keep going up as more are pulled from packs.
  • 5000+ – Most of the non-super rares will be above 5000, even at this point. When trading at this level, its best to consider position, player popularity, and card playability.

How do Card Counts and Rarity Overlap?

Super Rare cards are obviously going to be the hardest to pull in the game, but not every super rare is created equal. SR gold base cards are going to be less valuable in most cases than super rare inserts. Trading by rarity at most levels will work, but not when it comes to inserts versus base cards.

Super rare inserts are the top pulls, and Scarce/Rare inserts are still likely more valuable than the gold super rare base cards. Don’t expect a collector to give up their super rare insert card for your super rare base card. It just rarely shakes out that way.

Commons are still valuable in the game because collecting them gets coins when team sets are completed. You may need to trade uncommon and rare colored cards for uncommons because of this fact.

If you have more questions – shoot me a same card trade (1:1) with a message in game. Ill try my best to answer.

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