Awards: Make Your Collection Work for You!

I am someone that definitely likes chasing the awards that are in the game, as many of them can supplement your coin totals for spending on packs. They can get VERY daunting if you don’t know which ones to chase, and I want to make sure everyone gets a bit of instruction on capitalizing on the easiest ones to achieve.

Team Collection Awards

Trophy example: 1 2

Most of the low “hanging fruit” awards right now stem from team collections of common white bordered base cards. If you have seen people say “Singles NFT” on the fan feed, its because these cards are key to earning the team awards. Each team has two awards at the moment, one for a smaller group of base commons, and one for the complete set. The collection size needed varies based on the number of cards available per team, and I would game plan around collecting one team at a time.

The minor team collection award (peanut bag) will net you 250 coins and the major award (popcorn box) will net you 500. If you figure there are 30 teams, that’s a lot of coins to be had.

If you want to discover the easiest ones to chase – pull up the main card sheet and switch the filter to “all cards” and sort by “teams.” It will give you a great visual representation of the size needed for each team, and you can start going.

My suggestion for easiest fulfillment is pick one team at a time and peck away. I would advise against offering a trade for anything above 3 cards at a time, especially for collectors. People get protective of massive trades, but you can always try. Likely wont have much success.

The best way to do it, is offer 1:1 or 1:2 trades for dupes you need against dupes the other person needs. When you pull up the fan feed and offer a trade, you can sort each side of the trade by “rarity”, “2014 cards” and “cards they need.” That way, you know what cards will make the most sense for them. I liked chasing down the gamers in the fan feed and offering them colored border boosts (don’t count for team awards), for 2 or 3 duplicate white base, and they would likely accept.

Once you have the award, you can trade away the cards from that team if you so desire. You wont lose the award coins or trophy if you do.

Pokemon Collection Awards

These type of collections are usually for insert sets, and carry a coin award for getting all the cards in the set (hence the name I gave them). I RARELY chase these awards, because as long as the coin prize is active, the cards are more valuable and tougher to trade for. Once you have a huge collection with a lot of inserts to give up, then be my guest. Until then, I would wait. The amount of money it will take to pull the cards necessary is usually more than the prize is worth, so hold off until you can stomach the damage to your existing cards that you will need to trade for all the different elements of the award.

For reference, some of these awards can be worth up to 10,000 coins or more.

Card Awards

Trophy Example: 3

If you are lucky enough to pull one of the non-set based inserts out there (sig cards for example), you can get awards for those as well. These types of awards can also be obtained through trading for the card, which leads to a lot of challenges that are out there to chase. Many of the awards can range from 1000 to 2500 coins, so they are definitely worth the prize.

A word of advice, people will ask to “borrow” a card that has a coin purse attached to it. Borrowing means they want you to trade them the card, and then they trade it back to you once they have the award in hand. I advise against this under MOST circumstances, ESPECIALLY for high value cards. I just don’t trust anyone but myself, unless I am okay with the other guy walking away with my card. Sometimes it’s a base single or a boost, and those are easily replaced. Signature cards, not so much.

Foam Finger Awards

Trophy Example: 4

These are the awards I would go after as much as possible, as they can be the easiest to obtain and come with the best prizes. I mentioned earlier this week that there will be actual Limited Edition cards tied to these awards this week, which makes them more valuable than ever. Shoot for the low threshold ones at first, and start moving up through the ranks. Its an easy way to get coins and cards – of which you can trade for inserts and cards with more trading value in the long run.

Hope this helps you in your quest for Bunt Supremacy.

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