Plays of the Day – 4/16

Because of the sheer number of games and the repetitive nature of the suggestions, im going to keep this to a few very specific games each day. There are some great matchups on the schedule today, including maybe one of the best pitching duels so far this year. Get ready for some action!

PIT vs CIN – 12:35p

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 7.30.40 AMScreen shot 2014-04-16 at 7.30.20 AM

I am loving this game because I have an army of Liriano and Cueto cards to play. After a great game yesterday with Leake putting up over 200 points, it may be better today with both pitchers having potential for big points. Both pitchers can be strikeout guys, and that gets extra points on top of the normal ones for IP. If you have either one of these guys play them.

I would also take a look at Joey Votto and Starling Marte as your filler cards, as both have been scoring lots of points. Votto has almost been producing at the level of a pitcher, with his base card averaging over 50 points per game this week.

STL vs MIL 1:10p

Wily Peralta is going up against a very potent Cardinals lineup, and that may not be a good situation for his point totals. The Cardinals have three or four power hitters that can take it deep, including 2 last night in the ninth inning alone. I am starting Peralta twice out of nine spots, only because I dont have enough Cueto and Liriano to fill it out.

Matt Adams continues to be a nice play a 1B, as is Lucroy and Gomez. Add as filler when necessary.

NYM vs ARI – 3:40p

By this time the first game should be wrapping up, and you can start Brandon McCarthy if you want. The Diamondbacks have been flat lately, and McCarthy’s last few starts havent been incredible. They have already moved two pitchers to the bullpen and they are running out of guys to pitch. I would be wary of putting him in, but you never know.

ATL vs PHI – 7:05p

Julio Teheran has been a nice starter to get your lineup going as the night games start. I would put in as many of him as you can until the big game starts at 8:05. Aside from his last start, his card can be counted on for at least 60 points, but if you have a ton of guys from the later games, he wont play the whole time.

Ryan Howard has been consistent as a metronome so far, and I think he is worth a play as filler.

CLE vs DET – 7:05p

Annibal Sanchez has had a great start to the year, and I dont see that changing tonight. His base has averaged over 60 points for both starts, and is a good player to get into your lineup against Cleveland. I would not start him over some of the later game guys unless you have room.

WAS vs MIA – 7:10p

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 7.33.58 AM

Jose Fernandez, so far, is a very hard card to get. He has some of hardest pulls in the game, including a SR Future is now and SCR Player of the week. If you have him, let him run the whole game.

If you need filler, Stanton is leading the league in a lot of the power categories, so add him in as needed.

BOS vs CWS – 8:05p

Buchholz had a rough start the first go around, but then put up a nice 87 points during his last start. He is a good pitcher to add if you have some room.

GAME OF THE DAY – SEA vs TEX – 8:05p

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 7.30.52 AM Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 7.31.33 AM

This pitching matchup is incredible with Darvish and King Felix. Lots of the user base will be playing a ton of Darvish, so I would try to get in on that party. Felix is only available in SR opening day cards and SR Saber stars, so you can get some extra points if you have them. Darvish’s base card put up 252 points last go around, and 126 before that, so load up. Hernandez is similarly effective averaging over 120 points per game.

COL vs SD – 10:10p

As the early games wrap up, get Andrew Cashner into your lineup immediately. He has yet to score under 100 points on his base card, and that means a LOT considering that there are only 3 games starting late. He is a must play.

(images courtesy of Topps)
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  1. Loaf says:

    I was lucky enough to pull card 4. I kind of want to trade it, but I really want to see what it is. I would hate to get rid of it and it be a player I really like.

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