Game Tip of the Day – 4/19


Been getting a lot of questions on Twitter and in game about packs and how to buy them successfully to capitalize on each part of the app. Here is what I would suggest.

7th Inning Stretch – 10,000 Coins (7 cards)

Newbie friendly? rating: Weak

This pack is one that you will almost have to buy coins to purchase. When a new sig comes out, they are inserted into these packs only. If you are new and still building your collection, do not save your daily bonuses for these packs. Only buy them if you spend money to get more coins. They have promises of top inserts, but they are still tough odds. I have walked away empty handed many a time.

Best Odds High Five – 5,000 coins (5 cards)

Newbie friendly? rating: Weak

This pack is tempting at 5000 coins, but I am not someone willing to pay an extra 1000 coins for a better chance at an insert. If you are looking to buy a pack early on in your Bunt career, there are better packs for you to buy that will get you more cards.

High Five + Inserts – 4,000 coins (5 cards)

Newbie friendly? rating: Below Average

If you have a nice base card collection and you are looking to really start to chase the good stuff, this is your home base. If you buy a coin bundle, these are nice packs to buy too. If you are just starting out, these are not the packs to buy, even though they promise better cards.

Solo Shot + Inserts (1 card)

Newbie friendly? rating: Weak

This is like the candy aisle at the grocery store. We all want to buy one because its there and we can afford it. STAY AWAY. For a collector with no cards, this is the worst investment you can make in your collection. Im adding this to my write up because I know its the one pack you can afford every day and I want to make sure you dont buy and waist your coins.

The Niner – 1500 coins (9 cards)

Newbie friendly? rating: Best

This pack is awesome for newer players because your daily bonus covers one per day. Not only will it give you 9 cards, but you can pull the Silver SCR 1.75x Boosts. These cards help tremendously in points scoring and have trade value too.

High Five – 1000 coins (5 cards)

Newbie friendly? rating: Above average

If you dont have enough money for the Niner, I would stick buying this pack as long is takes to build up your collection. Although its tempting to buy the bigger packs as a new user, having the patience to build from the ground up will be better. Scoring points in the game is much more helpful for getting nicer cards than anything. Plus, base cards are still very valuable. I had a guy offer me a SR Gold for 3 base cards last night. It happens.

When to Buy

There is a pack sale or a coin sale at least once per week per a recent Q&A with Topps, so it may even be in your best interest to wait for one of those before buying. Otherwise, wait until at least 7pm to buy any packs to make sure you get the new inserts for the day if you are purchasing those packs. Sigs usually hit packs on tuesday if you are looking for a time to buy coins.


If you are a new player, spend your daily bonus every day. Build up your collection and trade like mad. Those On Deck cards are worth a bunch of coins for people, so they will want them. Only trade them if you get something very nice in return – that is the point of the set.


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