The Bunt List – Week of 4/19: Top 10 Cards in the Game

Top 10 Valuable Cards in the App – As of 4/12:

1. SR Mike Trout Signature Series (100) – 4 star playability – high scoring batter with a rarity that makes this incredibly valuable. He is also the spokesman for the game.

Photo courtesy of Topps Bunt

Photo courtesy of Topps

2. SR Derek Jeter Signature Series (100) – 2 star playability – lower scoring batter with a very high degree of rarity. Lots of collectors on the app are Yankee fans, which will help it stay valuable in his retirement year.

3. SR Justin Verlander Signature Series (250) – 5 star playability – high scoring pitcher, and a new sig will always push this card up the list. Not as rare as the others, but still valuable.

4. SR Andrew McCutchen Signature Series (500) – 3 star playability – slow start to the season has hurt this card’s playability. But as a signature, it will still be valuable.

5.  SR Stephen Strasburg Mystery Card (76) – 4 star playability – A rare pitcher that also has no other cards in the game and only a few copies. HOT.


6. SR Mike Trout Future is Now (192) – 4 star playability – Trout is arguably the most popular player in baseball, and this card is brand new. Cool looking insert, with only 8 copies pulled so far. Not sold out, so this will likely drop.

7. SCR Justin Verlander Fired Up (337) – 4 star playability – Top inserts for pitchers are always going to be hot – especially if they are not available anywhere else in the game.

8. SCR Nick Swisher Signature Series (396) – 1 star playability – This card makes the list because its a sig, nothing more nothing less.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 7.27.20 AM

9. SCR Michael Wacha Mystery Card (191) – 4 star playability – Another player that has no other cards in the game and scores a ton of points. Hard to find with so few copies available.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 7.34.45 AM

10. SR Miguel Cabrera Topps Illustrated (0) – 3 star playability –  These cards look awesome, and as long as there is a reward for the set, these cards will be hot as the sun. Miggy is the newest and rarest of the set, so he will be a tough get.

Falling fast – Cards on their way down

1. Golden Moments – Hank Aaron was a great start to this set and is still valuable, but since then its been a series that people collect only for the reward. Cards look cool either way.

2. Fan’s Choice Hitters – I love the idea for this set, but these cards are not as valuable as they probably should be. If the player is a hitter, they are dropping fast because they score as a base card.

3. Player of the Week (early releases) – Lots of people really like these cards when they were released at 3x scoring, but when they dropped the boost, many of them have started to drop significantly in value. Some have players that have no other cards, so not all are dropping.

On the Rise – Cards to consider chasing

1. 2013 Sigs – I think people are starting to realize that 2014 sigs are going to be few and far between. Users are using the 2013 sigs to build up their collection trying to trade for the newer cards.

2. SCR Future is Now – Players like Darvish and Ryu are getting hot and their cards are getting hot too. Many people need to complete the set, and they have realized that these are not easy to get.

Hot Now – But look out!

Opening Day SRs – Now that these have gone Sold Out, all of a sudden people want them again. Interesting how that works. Once the Sold Out tag loses its novelty, the cards will likely return to their previous value. Player like King Felix and Verlander are still good cards to keep though.

My top gaming cards of the week

1. Giancarlo Stanton – Great to see a hitter make this list because they are basically unusable now. Stanton had an INCREDIBLE week and is likely going to be Monday’s POW. Home Runs and RBIs flow like a river for him, and I love every minute of it.

2. Chris Sale – His gold card put up over 450 points this week, and he is looking like he is on his way to a stellar season. Going up against the Red Sox is no easy task, and he did extremely well.

Check back next week for a new Bunt list and updated top 10!

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    Can you do the top 25. I’m eager to see where Wright LE Lands.

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