Sig Crazy: My List of Suggestions by Team

Photo courtesy of Topps Bunt

Image courtesy of Topps Bunt

Topps has said on a number of occasions that the signature series would be coming to each team in some way. Here is how I would do it by team, for all those who dont already have one:

AL Central

  • Indians – Nick Swisher (done)
  • White Sox – Jose Abreu – I think Abreu has the most potential to be a popular sig as a new player and someone who doesnt have a lot of cards in the game yet. A good hitter and a playable card.
  • Tigers – Justin Verlander (done)
  • Twins – Joe Mauer – Not many players on the Twins that have notoriety enough to have an insert. Mauer is the guy.
  • Royals – James Shields – Another playable insert on a team with very little star power

AL East

  • Yankees – Derek Jeter (done) – I could also see other players from the Yankees come through in the sig series because of popularity.
  • Red Sox – David Ortiz – Although he has already had a sig, I expect him to be the face of the team again. Pedroia is also another option
  • Rays – David Price – This is a dream pick, even though I think Longoria will get the sig.
  • Orioles – Adam Jones – equal consideration for Chris Davis or Manny Machado, but Jones is my pick.
  • Blue Jays – Jose Bautista – Not many people on the team worthy of getting a sig, but Jose is definitely up there. Dont think Toronto has had a sig at all yet.

AL West

  • Angels – Mike Trout (done) – dont count out a signature or big card from Pujols’ 500th.
  • Mariners – Felix Hernandez – I would hope this is the signature, but Cano is also a strong possibility.
  • Athletics – Yoenis Cespedes – Oakland has made a name with no names. Its crazy. Cespedes is a great pick.
  • Rangers – Yu Darvish – Darvish already has a sig, but this is likely the pick and the right one.
  • Astros – Jose Altuve – They may be one of the worst teams in the league, but I dont know who else to pick.

NL Central

  • Brewers – Carlos Gomez – I would love to see him get a sig. That would be interesting. Definitely has lots of personality.
  • Cardinals – Three Matts – Triple sig of Holliday, Carpenter and Adams – MEGA MATT ASSEMBLE!
  • Reds – Johnny Cueto – Serious consideration for Joey Votto, but I think Cueto is a better pick.
  • Pirates – Andrew McCutchen (done)
  • Cubs – Anthony Rizzo – I think he is a very playable card and a great guy to have a sig.

NL East

  • Braves – Julio Teheran – Although Heyward and Freeman are a bigger names, it would be cool if Julio got his due.
  • Nationals – Stephen Strasburg – He will come around and start pitching well, I hope.
  • Mets – David Wright – He is one of the game’s ambassadors, and is a Topps favorite.
  • Phillies – Ryan Howard – Having a great season and I would guess he gets the sig.
  • Marlins – Jose Fernandez – Would also like a Giancarlo Stanton sig, but JoFer is one of the best pitchers in the game.

NL West

  • Padres – Andrew Cashner – Not a lot of star power, and Cashner is a great pitcher.
  • Dodgers – Matt Kemp – He has no other cards yet, and Puig already has a sig.
  • Rockies – Troy Tulowitzki – Although there are some other players, Tulo is the most worthy.
  • Diamondbacks – Paul Goldschmidt – I cant name many of their players, but Goldy is a star.
  • Giants – Buster Posey – Already has a sig, but I am guessing he will get another.

Again, these are just my picks, feel free to disagree. As we have seen with Swish, there is always room for off the wall kind of picks. Not every one of these will be obvious, and I think that keeps things interesting. There will also be other sigs besides this, and I hope that each fan gets to chase their team’s official one.

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1 Response to Sig Crazy: My List of Suggestions by Team

  1. Rich Janzaruk says:

    Just my silly two cents, but I think the Giants should be Madison Bumgardner. He’s a stellar start, and as you said, Buster has one. Great site. Love the game.

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