Game Tip of the Day – 4/23

Anytime you have a digital game, you know there will be multiple elements to the gameplay. One of the best things about BUNT is that there is a tremendously active community to engage with. Even better, many of the Topps employees behind the game love to interact through all the different social media mediums that are available.

Through these outlets, its easy to keep up with happenings in the game, giveaways and other tips and tricks. Its also a good source to hear if other users are having the same questions and concerns.

Here are all the links you need to stay up to date:

  • Twitter – @ToppsBUNT – main twitter handle – Lots of great info about sales, new cards and giveaways.
  • Instagram – @officialtoppsbunt – pictures from upcoming sets, sales and info about the game
  • YouTube –  Topps BUNT – A place where they post commercials and new tips and explanations for new users
  • Facebook – Topps BUNT – More information, more giveaways, and lots of community users interacting about the game.

There are other people to follow like @toppsmike on twitter, and of course me @scuncensored, but these four outlets should give you a lot of options to stay informed on what is going on without having to miss out.

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