Gameplay Tip of the Day – 4/29

So far this season, new cards have been released every single day. These new cards usually become extremely coveted by the collectors who want them as they are released, or the gamers who want them for their lineup. New hotness is a phenomenon that happens in every part of the card collecting world, so no one should be surprised. The question is, if you pull a nice card, should you sell right away?

Short Answer

It is always much more profitable to trade up front. In 95/100 chances, release will be the card’s top value and you will be able to get the most for it. We have all been there, the card of your favorite player is released, and you have to have it now. You overpay because you dont want it to turn out to be one of the 5 that will increase in value over time.

That being said, those other 95 times, the card’s value will drop as more people acquire it, and that’s when you realize you should have sold. We have all been there too.

Long Answer

The longer answer actually has to do with a number of things – card rarity designation (SR, rare, etc), expected time in packs, and whether or not the card has sentimental value to you.

Rarity Designation – Super Rare inserts will likely have VERY low card counts. With Topps explaining that most new inserts will now have a timer for how long they are in packs, these cards will easily be the most valuable ones there are. Sets like Opening day are victims of the opposite situation.

Expected time in packs – If a card is only available in packs for 24 hours, the card count will just not have a lot of time to increase because fewer people will pull it from packs. Those cards are automatically more valuable.

Sentimental Value – If you are like me and dont pull many nice cards from packs, this can be complicated. If you dont like trading away that huge pull, that’s fine. People have a connection to cards that they pull themselves. Similarly, if the card is for your favorite team or player, the decision to sell can be even more difficult.


There is no rule of thumb as to the value of new inserts. If you pull a new card, DO NOT trade it away for a bunch of base cards. Field some offers and see what people are willing to give up. You have until the next day before the card count updates, which is enough time to see what its worth. Brand new SR inserts can command 4-5 other top inserts minus sigs in some cases. Keep that in mind. In the end – if you are satisfied, that is all that matters, overpaid or underpaid.

The good thing about Bunt is that lightning always strikes twice or ten times.

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