Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/5

This is going to be a tip that most people should be pretty on top of, but its worth mentioning regarding your lineup. It is literally impossible to be successful in the gameplay element of the game without changing your lineup multiple times per day. The more times you can accurately switch out cards that are no longer playing in their games, the better.

If you have a ton of cards, its going to be quite easy set a lineup of top scoring pitchers to change in and out through the morning, afternoon and night games. If you only have a select few, choose your best for each phase of the schedule, which is about 3 times per day.

Here are how I rate the player positions:

  • Starting Pitcher
  • 1B
  • Relief Pitcher (as needed)
  • 2B
  • SS
  • 3B
  • C
  • OF
  • DH

I would check daily to see who the starting pitchers are for each game, and set your lineup with as many of those guys (including doubles) as you can. Once the morning games are over, switch to as many pitchers for the afternoon, and same with the evening games. If you have more than 9 of pitchers that are going at once, you can score tons of points by playing along live and switching out the pitchers while teams are batting and replacing them with pitchers that are on the field.


Playing along live will also give you an opportunity to switch out the starters if they get rocked, or if they get pulled. At that point, its time to put in the relievers or switch to other hitters. The best thing to remember is that cards will not score if they are on your bench. So, if its bases loaded and none out, and you switch out the pitchers before the guy hits the grand slam, you dont get docked those points, even if you put him back in later! Then again, if the next guy hits into a triple play, you lose those points too. The points on the back of the card only represent the total scored – NOT the total score they have scored for your team.

Remember, just because a pitcher has a bad inning, does not mean they wont score again the next inning around. Its a good idea to keep an eye on them.

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9 Responses to Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/5

  1. Miller says:

    This may sound like a dumb question but how do you know the points scored by your players/ when it registers? I am usually following the games on yahoo sportstacular app vs games sort on the play page and play page seems to be considerably behind. Would be nice to have live scoring and tell you why score went up or down

  2. Miller says:

    My question above is related to your tip of pulling players at opportune time and I have found it hard to ensure that I leave them in long enough for positive to register vs pulling them. Again may sound silly but have found it hard to tell where points are coming from/going to and best source of game updates to use. For example I was swapping players in and out tonight and am sitting around 850 pts and you hit like 5,700!

    • deltapi1049 says:

      Trust me, I was swapping players all night long. Sometimes you get a bit behind, but 95% of the time it works the way it did last night. Its rarely a good idea to leave someone in long term if they are not on the field – especially if you have other cards that are scoring while they are not playing.

  3. gsurf says:

    Okay question, may be silly but are you saying a can use a pitcher that starts at say 7:05pm once his game is done swap him out, for a 10:05 pitcher, still keep the points the 7:05 pitcher scored me and then also get the points the 10:05 pitcher gets me? I’m having a hard time understanding this point system and its killing me in the rankings!

  4. jamminrupe says:

    Really like your site SCUncensored! I long have been looking for info on the “how to” of playing and trading in BUNT. Keep it up!

    Continuing the discussions above, I have some additional questions drilling down into the mechanics and functionality of the app. It will be extremely helpful if you can answer the questions individually.

    1. When are the points for a pitcher you have in play earned e.g. at the end of each inning?
    2. At what moment in time do the the points earned register to your Play Points Total (PPT) i.e. when the inning is over in live real time or is there any delay between live and point registration in the app?
    3. What points are actually registered to your PPT i.e. the pitcher’s point score from game start thru the end of the inning that you put the pitcher in play, or the pitcher’s point score from the inning start thru the end of the inning that you put the pitcher in play, or the pitcher’s point score from the exact time in the inning thru the end of the inning you put the pitcher in play?
    4. In an inning if you put a pitcher in play, then pull him before the end of the inning, will he still register points to your PPT?
    5. Do the above rules apply to non-pitchers also or do they have differences?
    6. What information sources do you use to know what pitchers and batters are in play at any given moment as well as the batting outcomes (i.e. hits, walks, strike outs, etc.)? For example, at the same time watching a game on TV and monitoring these at some website?

    These answers will raise my game play to a higher level. I suspect others will benefit also. Thanks in advance!

    • deltapi1049 says:

      1. Gameplay points are real time. They must be in your starting lineup at the time the points are earned for them to count for you.
      2. There is a short delay – but when the play result is loaded into the API from, its usually transmitted immediately in game.
      3. Only when the guy is active in your starting lineup – bench players do not earn points
      4. Only when the guy is active in your starting lineup – bench players do not earn points
      5. Applies to all cards
      6. and are great reference points.

  5. MRMOJORISIN says:

    Question on the Playing Now card status in the Play activity component of the app. Cards for pitchers who are no longer playing (i.e. pulled from game) still have the yellow corner flag and yellow stat field on the back view. The Playing Now filter still displays them even though they are not. This adds complexity to the game play. Is this a bug? Any comments? How can it get fixed?

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