Gameplay Tip of the Day – 5/6

I like trading on Bunt, as I think it is one of the better parts of the game. Even though people havent been willing to make reasonable offers as of late, once you have found someone reasonable, it can still be fun. After receiving a ton of offers that dont seem to be solicited by me through the fan feed, I want to go over a few things regarding the two ways to make an offer.

Trading Through the Card Sheet

The first way to trade is to go to the “all cards” sheet under the far right icon on the bottom of the app. When a card is selected from the main card sheet, you can select “trade” at the bottom. This gives you the option to make an unsolicited offer on a card that you want.  This is great if you need a common or a base card to finish out your set, but it is NOT a good way to make offers on high value cards.

The reason I completely advise against trading from the sheet in this manner has to do with the owners of the card. Most are not looking for offers on that card, and its likely that they do not want to trade it. If you are going to be sending trades this way, you should overpay and then some to avoid getting blocked by the people you select. That’s what happens with me most of the time I get an unsolicited offer on a card I dont want to trade.

In the future, Topps has teased a NFT designation for some cards, which may solve some of this issue. Let me just say it is not to the advantage of your reputation to send lowball offers through the card sheet.

Trading Through the Fan Feed

This is the way I recommend trading, almost exclusively. Again my advice has to do with solicited offers versus unsolicited offers. Its become clear to me that even solicited offers can result in some of the most crazy requests I have ever seen, and they are becoming more and more common.

I digress.

If you are going to be making an unsolicited offer, again its a good idea to OVERPAY to avoid getting blocked. Basically, if someone says they have one card for trade and you are making an offer on a high value card they arent mentioning, its not a good idea to send junk. Actually, its never a good thing for your reputation to send junk.

I also realize that not many of you may realize what I am saying by overpay or lowball offers, and it all has to do with the cards you are sending. Dont send a trade full of 9 white and green base cards for a signature series card. No one will make that trade. If you dont have inserts to trade in exchange for a high value card, that’s fine. Its okay to play the game without inserts. You can either continue opening packs to get more cards to trade up to an eventual high value card down the road,  or buy coins, splurge on some packs and open until you pull one. It can be counterproductive to try to find someone who will take your duplicate base cards in trade for a nice card.

If you do pull a nice insert, that’s great! One of the best feelings in the game, and a complete high. It can be so much of a high that some people want others to trade the world for that card. I would not expect someone to give up 4 of their sigs for it and it is not a good idea to even ask without a message to them first. Take what you can get, do not try to build a collection with one trade.

Remember the golden rule of trading: Dont make an offer you wouldnt be likely to take if someone sent it to you.

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