Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break Recap 5/27

Going to do a new feature today, and talk about some experiences I had with a pack break this morning. I know a lot of you may actually be wary of venturing out of the high five for 5000 coin safe zone, so here is a breakdown to see what you might be able to get in some of the other packs.

Topps Bunt AM Caffeine Pack – Limited to 50,000 packs


Coins: 1000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 20 packs
Best Pull: Travis Wood Super Rare and Stephen Strasburg Rare
Total Gold SR: 15
Total Inserts: N/A

I loved this pack. I averaged a SR every other pack, and only 1 common through 20. I pulled a lot of Series 2 new base cards (which is why I dropped so much to buy in), and came away very happy. At 1000 coins, plus a ton of great odds, you cannot beat that price. Inserts arent everything, especially for people that have not yet had the opportunity to accumulate the new cards. This was great.

The reason I listed both of those cards as my best pull and not some of the other golds I got, has to do with accumulation for me. I literally have been trying to pry these from an iron grip of users who have them, and it was nice to get them in the pack.

VERDICT: One of the better special packs released so far.

1974 Archives Pack – New Insert Series


Coins: 1974 per pack
Cards: 3
Opened: 10 packs
Best Pull: Shin Shoo Choo and Angel Pagan Archives
Total Gold SR: 1
Total Inserts: 2

Not a bad pack. I am a huge fan of the archives real set that hits shelves today for the actual cards, and was excited to see what this set brought. Choo only has one other card in the game, and its a crazy rare cannon card. I was happy to get both the offerings, but less happy when I saw both were going to have 3000 copies. The price wasnt restrictive, so I got to open for some series 2 along the way. Not bad.

VERDICT: Content was good, but not great – even with cheaper price tag.

More pack breaks to come later – hope this helps everyone see what is out there. For reference, I am spending money on coins to get these breaks done, and for the most part, that is a good way to get the coins needed to accumulate a top collection. If you dont have the money, its not a big deal to continue buying the other packs.

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3 Responses to Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break Recap 5/27

  1. Damon says:

    I opened ~40 Archives pack and I got 3 Choos and a Getz sig, I was surprised/stoked about the Getz.

  2. Laura Davidson says:

    Hi – as a newbie I appreciate your insights. They are very valuable. I have a question. How, in Bunt, can you ask someone a question. For example I have a gold Cargo that I saw someone was looking for on the fan feed. I have this card, and saw that they have a gold Ortiz coming soon, which I want. I have no idea if that is a good or bad trade, and I would rather ask them verbally than offend if it is a bad trade. Is there a way to ask someone before putting the cards on the table? Thank you. 3LITTLEBRDS

    • Rocktober says:

      The way to talk to someone is to make a trade with the same card like Mike Trout base for a Mike Trout bae and then include a comment.

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