Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/1

The fun with Bunt has a lot to do with the fact that you can play along with the collecting element, or just come to collect. I very much like both elements of the game, and I often get questions of how a trade should work out based on both elements of the game. Here is how I approach it.


Right now, the game is all about starting pitching. If you have a great collection of starting pitchers, you will automatically have a great point potential. A pitcher can give up 3 runs, 10 hits and still score more than a guy who hit a home run behind the plate. That’s powerful stuff.

Your main target shouldnt be the gold pitchers though, especially if you are starting out. Try to get the commons, uncommons and rares first, and through scoring more points, you will be awarded more coins in the weekly rewards. After you build a good lineup, its so much more easy to chase the points and be ranked higher. As you open packs, try to pick out the cards you know will be good to trade for pitchers. Big name guys still retain value as hitters, but you may still have to go 2 or 3 to 1 in order to get someone to trade.


Here is the main rule of Bunt collecting – new hotness is the prime driver of value in the game. Because new inserts are released DAILY, dont try to be a super collector and get one of everything – ESPECIALLY if you just started this year. You also have to remember that Bunt trading is about the red paperclip scenario at first – trading from the bottom up to accumulate quantity. Eventually that quantity can equal quality when traded in bulk.

The best insert series in the game has always been signature cards, but they are so rare that you will have a ton of trouble trying to pry them away from owners. I have said before that its obvious they are status symbols, which plays a big part in collecting. Vanity is a big deal in every aspect of collecting throughout every hobby, and Bunt does a great job of exploiting our need to be the best at everything.

My only advice to the users out there is to collect what you like and be happy when you pull something big out of a pack. Building a connection with your collection is always a good thing.


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