Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/3

There is a lot of talk on twitter lately about the rarity of the inserts in certain packs as it pertains to the overall availability of base cards. I even saw a comparison between inserts in real packs of cards, compared to inserts in bunt packs of cards.

I will say this – inserts are a tough pull this year, even more difficult since they have been separated into different packs for each type of set. With a new release almost every single day of the week, there is sure a lot of things to start spending your coins on. Arguably, that’s the point – spending coins is what funds the game.

Here is the thing – as I mentioned yesterday, people have made a career in this game around collecting every single insert, and that just may not be possible anymore. As a guy who is a borderline “SUPER COLLECTOR” in real life cards, its hard to come to terms with the fact that you will not be able to get every last release for your favorite player. In real life, remember, every set has 1/1s that usually command insane money. Unless you have an unlimited source of funds, you may never get every card.

You know what I found out? Its okay to have that be the case.

As a collector and a gamer in bunt, I almost want the inserts to be as rare as they are, so that when someone pulls them, it can command the type of value it needs to command. In real life, many of the insert cards in a pack of regular Topps arent worth the cardboard they are printed on, unless they have an autograph or a jersey embedded in the card.

The reason this phenomenon is taking place has to do with supply vs demand. In real life there is an insert per pack, which means that the market is flooded with the cards. As a result, they arent worth anything. In game, they are much more rare, and as a result, the cards are extremely valuable still.

I remember back when I was a kid – when you pulled an insert, you had it made. I feel the same way when I do that in Bunt. I dont want that feeling to dissipate with an overabundance of available cards that everyone has.

Lets face it, no one likes buying a bundle and walking away with nothing. However, at the same time, no one will like buying a bundle and walking away with everything. Then it isnt special anymore, and supply will DEFINITELY outweigh demand.

Although I support a combined pack again, I still like the rarity where it is.

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