Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/16

The new series 2 base cards are awesome, mainly because they provide a new group of guys to fill in the days where no one of note was playing. They also provide a new chase, and I know a lot of people are trying to get to max capacity on the new guys quickly. As a result, this could play into the hands of those people who are just looking to start competing.

First off, when the Sunday Brunch pack is made available, make sure you take a look. For the last two weeks, the pack has been relatively all series two, meaning that you can get some pretty valuable cards without trying much. If you have the coins, spend them and maybe buy a bundle to make sure you get some trade bait.

Once you have cards to trade, either from opening regular packs or otherwise, take a look at your lineup. Guys like Darvish, Beckett, and Cueto have been around since day one, so many of the users who are chasing the base cards have TONS of extras to trade of these players. You might be able to get a gold of an existing pitcher for a few cards they might need. Pitchers like Rick Porcello and Phil Hughes are brand new, and therefore valuable despite not being ace quality. Others like Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw are new(er) and ace quality, so they are big pulls too. However, if you can get 3-4 golds of established cards from series one, why not take what you can get?

I posted an article last week regarding the guys everyone should look to get more of – and I would make sure to make your own list as well. If you are lucky enough to pull a gold of one of the new pitchers, I would look to improve the rest of your pitching staff rather than keep it. The reason being is that these cards will likely be in packs for the rest of the season, meaning their value will eventually die down.

Plus, with new base cards (including some other huge names) being released this week, there is no time like the present. When you have a commodity that people want, its better to give it to them while its still at the peak. Dont wait until everyone has 9 silver Kershaws to look to trade yours. Trade while you can get a few golds for it.

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