Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 6/17

There was a unique opportunity presented yesterday to buy into some VIP packs, from which I heard were a bit more stocked with Series 2 than usual. The VIP packs are only available to users who have attained one of the three statuses, and as a gold VIP – I decided to buy in. Sure helped they were 1500 coins instead of 2500.

GOLD VIP Pack Break

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 7.35.45 AM

Coins: 1500 per pack
Cards: 1
Opened: 13 packs
Best Pull: Clayton Kershaw SR
Total Gold SR: 13
Total Inserts: 0

Was really hoping to pull one of the Bowman diamond cards, but those are very tough pulls from what I gather. I was happy that Series 2 was as plentiful as described, and ended up with Porcello, Hughes, Kershaw, Shelby Miller, and 3 other pitchers I needed to stock up on. All in all, I only pulled 2 series one golds. Pretty nice.

Sunday Brunch Pack


Coins: 1000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 20 packs
Best Pull: Lots of Series two
Total Gold SR: 10
Total Inserts: 0

I got in as the packs were winding down, so not as many people were opening. I still got a ton of new series 2 cards, which is why I bought in, especially considering how many pitchers I was short on. Ended up with some Strasburg and Porcello again, which was nice, but also got a lot of silvers of guys like Ventura, and Wacha too.

Topps Tribute Pack


Coins: 5000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 2 packs
Best Pull: RA Dickey Gold SR
Total Gold SR: 1
Total Inserts: 0

Nothing of note really going on here, just used my weekly award bonus from the points standings to try these out because I loved the cards. Not much to report.

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3 Responses to Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 6/17

  1. aznatheist620 says:

    You always say how it’s advantageous to open packs when lots of people are opening, but that’s not how probability works. If odds are 1:25 to pull a card, then you will always have a 1/25 chance. Or am I missing something that’s weird with BUNT?

    • deltapi1049 says:

      From what my understanding is, odds are overall, not per user.

      • aznatheist620 says:

        How does this change anything? If it’s 1:25, for every 25 packs opened worldwide, only 1 pack will have a specific card. So yes, if 50 packs are opened 2 will have that card, but that doesn’t mean anyone has a better chance if the card is still appearing every 1/25 packs.

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