Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/18

There will be a number of new base cards coming today and tomorrow, and I sincerely hope that it is as big of an event as I am expecting it to be. Among the new cards are some great players that  you will NEED to chase to be competitive, and I could not be more excited that we are making more progress into series 2. Here are my must haves from the names released in the article.

Felix Hernandez

Easily one of the best pitchers in the game, and also the top point scorer of all players in bunt so far this year. Because he hasnt had any cards that score above the base level, the points havent been as available, but we should be seeing a mad dash to pick up his gold and silvers. Low ERA and high strikeouts are the key to bunt success, and King Felix is the best in both worlds.

David Price

Another top strikeout pitcher is on the way, and though he has a higher ERA, his points from Ks neutralize it. When Price has a good start, look out, because it could be a 10K with 2 run affair. That’s beastly.

John Lackey

Although the Red Sox arent exactly the cream of the crop this year, Lackey hasnt been as bad as some of the other pitchers on the staff. He isnt Lester, but he does have some redeeming factors in his great pitching performances when they happen. Just look out for those starts when he isnt pitching on target.

Yovani Gallardo

When the Brewers started this season, I doubt anyone really thought they would be as good as they are. Not only is Lohse pitching well, but Gallardo has been great, and Lucroy is raking like no one’s business.

Sonny Gray

I like that we are finally getting some cards for Sonny other than his Editor’s Choice and his signature series card. There is a lot he has to offer on one of the ALs best teams during the first half. Another surprise, the As have been tremendous, staying far ahead of the Angels and Rangers in the AL West. Gray is a big reason why.

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