Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/20

Let me say, it has been a rough go at it, trying to pry the new boosts away from the people who have pulled top cards of the pitchers and hitters. There is a lot of reasons why that wont continue to be the situation, but for now these golds might as well be sigs.

That being said, its almost better to chase the lower level boosts, because they actually are just as easy to play in game without a thought. I have started making plays for the reds and silver boosts instead of golds, because people tend to be that much more likely to want to give them up. Here is why that isnt a bad thing.

Lets say that you are playing a silver instead of a gold, and a player scores 10 points. With a gold you will get 20 points for that play (2.0x base scoring), meaning an extra 90 points across the lineup if you play 9. If you were playing a silver, you get 17.5 points, or an extra 67.5 points when spread across the lineup. That’s only a difference of 22.5 points per play when 9 cards are in play. Now, considering that the majority of bunt doesnt have 9 golds per player, it should be easy to see that this isnt THAT big a deal.

For someone like me that usually finishes around 60-70 in the overall standings each week, having Silvers is more than enough to compete against the rest of bunt. I have a lot of extras from series one, and I can usually package a pretty good deal to give up cards I dont play for the new silvers I need.

To really show myself how many cards I had to give in these deals, I made a spreadsheet of every pitcher. The ones where I had more than 9 Gold and silver combined, I highlighted to remind myself to give those up in trades. Already I have been that much more successful in getting the new boosts without giving up anything I will play.

For reference, I am not a collector 100%, so its easy for me to give up inserts that I dont really care about. I have enough cards to show my status without unplayable inserts in my card sheet, and they are very handy for trading those people who do want those cards.

This has been a very fun week in Bunt because of the new action, and I hope more cards are coming soon. We still need Wainwright, and a few other top pitchers, so I guess its only a matter of time.

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3 Responses to Gameplay Tip of the Day – 6/20

  1. wahoobudd says:

    In that vein, when new base cards come out, focus your coins on Triple and Hi-Five. Flip new Green, Red, and White at 3 for 1 or 6 for 1 and turn them into Silver, possibly Gold (if you find the right person). If you aim for non-new, Gold is definitely doable. Cheap way to better your cards. These Rare, Uncommon, Common cards will only have good value for a few weeks so take advantage while you can.

  2. mad_J says:

    Hey there,
    the rookie packs are as of today not available for me anymore. Which pack(s) should I go after now? I’d like to primarily collect cards instead of going at maximum points. So which packs give me the most value and how many coins should I save before I buy packs? I’d like to avoid buying coins.

    Thanks and keep up that nice blog. 🙂

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