New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – 6/26

Some really cool releases yesterday, including likely one of the most valuable cards in the game released so far. Here is my breakdown.

SR Clayton Kershawk Signature Series


Collectability: Extreme+
Playability:  CaptureCaptureCapture

At only 250 copies, this card is EXTREMELY limited based on where we see the other sigs in the series. It matches Justin Verlander, and is only a step below Jeter and Trout at 100 each. Russell Wilson is at 200, but his gimmicky status prevents true value. Cards like this are the status symbols of the game, and if you pull one, you better get some major cards in return. I saw an offer of 5 sigs and 4 SR inserts get declined, so come strong if you are going to be trading for one.

Tim Lincecum No Hitter Milestone


Collectability: Strong+
Playability:  CaptureCaptureCapture

The Stache doesnt have any other cards in the game yet, so this is a pretty big deal to get his first on a no hitter milestone. Lincecum hasnt exactly had the best track record over the last few years, but when he is on point, he is lights out. 2 Cy Youngs, 2 no hitters, and 2 rings is a big deal, and people will want this card. I offered a sig for one and got turned down. At 750 copies, its a bit more available, so the value may drop.

Billy Hamilton Lightning


Collectability: Strong
Playability:  CaptureCaptureCapture

Great looking card that is exclusive to the grey pack as of now. Its really just another scarce insert, but its really cool looking for sure. I love the design of the card, and would be happy to pull one just because of that. The pack its in costs a ton, so not many people will pull these as they would if they were in regular packs.

Clayton Kershaw No Hitter Milestone


Collectability: Strong+
Playability:  CaptureCaptureCapture

These milestone cards are really cool, and Kershaw should be one that you want to have in your collection. This one is more limited and should maintain some high value despite the fact that it only scores at normal base levels. I think its a two horse race for NL Cy Young, and Kersh is neck and neck with Cueto at this point.

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