Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 6/26

Had another great day of opening packs yesterday, mainly because of my luck with the signature pack and the latest signature. Here is a breakdown after receiving my VIP bonus and cracking some of the new cards.

Signature Pack Break


Coins: 10000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 6 packs
Best Pull: Clayton Kershaw Sig (250)
Total Gold SR: 3
Total Inserts: 1

This was easily my best pull in Bunt that I have ever had. Easily the second best pull in Bunt and Huddle combined (pulled the Peterson sig in Huddle). I had already had a tremendous day of opening real packs, and this was a pleasant surprise. I cant even say how excited I was to pull this card as Kershaw’s sig may be the 3rd most valuable card in the game currently behind Trout Sig and Jeter sig.

Grey Pack Break


Coins: 20000 per pack
Cards: 10
Opened: 1 pack
Best Pull: Tim Hudson Gold SR
Total Gold SR: 1
Total Inserts: 0

Did very well on this in the past, but not as good this time. Did end up with some nice Kyle Gibson boosts, which was what I wanted, but this wasnt on the same level as last time when I pulled 4 of the new golds. Hey, it happens like that.

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2 Responses to Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 6/26

  1. fredkroket says:

    So which coin bundles do you usually opt for? It seems the game is getting more and more reliant on extra coins, we as the customer, purchase.

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