Gameplay Tip of the Day – 7/14

Well bunters, your three day break is here! YOUVE EARNED IT! Nothing feels better than knowing I dont have to worry about whether or not CJ Wilson is going to give up 8 runs while Im not paying attention, right?

Topps will definitely be pouring it on over the next few days to keep things interesting, and I am one of the people who cannot wait to see what happens. With the Home Run Derby tonight, we have already gotten 10 new cards commemorating all the guys socking some dingers tonight, and Im sure this is only step one of ten.

There will likely be a number of new cards over the next few days, including a signature series card that I have been told is likely going to be the Twins’ player this week. There will also be new all star cards as they finish out the squads, and im sure a few surprises here and there.

We have already gotten some throwbacks in the 1985 All Star cards, which I love, and I am guessing there will be more tributes to past All Star games, and likely some sort of Jeter tribute as well. The fan fest cards have done a great job highlighting the collectibles expo going on in Minnesota, but we may not be done with those either.

I want to tell everyone to save their coins during this bonanza, but this might be one of the biggest weeks of the year for Bunt, as the events are so concentrated over two days. With the post season, its more of a month long process, and the World Series can take a week or two to get done. All Star is different, and I am loving every minute of it.

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