Gameplay Tip of the Day – Trading for Elite Pitchers

By now I am sure you realize that there are three to four pitchers who’s cards trade like inserts, and with the new scoring system in place, its likely that they will continue to be valuable above and beyond every other base card. Here is my experience with each of them.

NOTE: These exchange rates are high because I expect you will be the person making the offer. In most likely situations, the person making the offer will overpay.

Felix Hernandez – SR GOLD (3100+ copies)


I have offered multiple inserts for this card and still have been turned down. Pretty crazy to think that people covet this card more than they would covet the status symbols that govern the economy of the game. Although there are quite a few of them out there, it is easily the most valuable base card in the game.

Exchange rate: 3 good inserts or 5-6 elite gold pitchers

Clayton Kershaw – SR Gold (5000+ copies)

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 10.31.43 AM

Again, like Hernandez, Kershaw is equally as valuable, commanding insert like value in the economy. His infinitesimally small ERA and higher K/BB rate makes him as valuable as King Felix, even though he doesnt have quite as many Ks. Expect to give up a few inserts to get one, if you find someone willing to part with theirs.

Exchange Rate: 2+ good inserts or 4-5 elite gold pitchers

Adam Wainwright – SR Gold (2500+ copies)


The last of the true gold standard pitchers is Adam Wainwright, who was recently picked to start the all star game for the NL. Similar to Kersh and Felix, he has a huge value due to being the newest gold standard pitcher to be released, and his great performance so far. As long as he stays healthy, its likely he will end up in the top part of the game.

Exchange Rate: 2+ good inserts or 4+ elite gold pitchers

Felix Hernandez – SCR Silver (8,000+ copies)

Although not as valuable as his gold counterpart, it still commands a high value and is easier to obtain. You might be able to catch someone who isnt aware of the value and will trade for some golds.

Exchange rate: 1 insert or 2-3 active pitcher golds

Clayton Kershaw – SCR Silver (14,000+ copies)

This is the card I would chase, as it provides the most value and is much more readily available than any other card on this list. The trick is to find someone who doesnt quite play for points and blow them away with 8-9 gold hitters you dont play.

Exchange rate: 2 active gold pitchers or 6-8 gold hitters

Yu Darvish – SR Gold (9,000+ copies)

For being around since day one, Darvish has very few copies – a lot less than I expected. He is a great pitcher to chase down because he strikes out so many hitters along the way. I have seen him go as high as a couple inserts, but as low as 1:1 with other golds. Overpay with hitters and he is yours.

Exchange rate: 2 active good pitchers, or MAYBE 1 insert

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1 Response to Gameplay Tip of the Day – Trading for Elite Pitchers

  1. mad_J says:

    Talk about lowballing. A guy offered me a best of bunt card for 3 gold SPs (including Cueto and Wainwrhight) and 3 silver SPs (including Cueto and Darvish). So your post came in handy here. 😛

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