Gameplay Tip of the Day – Valuing the Best of Bunt Set

There has been much discussion over the best of Bunt cards for a long time, espcially in regards to value within the game. There are a lot of reasons why these cards are incredibly cool, but also reasons why their appeal might be limited.

One of the main issues with the Best of Bunt cards is that they are not pack pulled, which means they will automatically drop in value. Although they are some of the most limited cards in the game, they are not considered to be as valuable as any of the inserts that are pack pulled at the same rarity. Similarly, there are not many users who will want to trade their trophies from an epic week, but some of the cards will hit the market.

I like the design of the Best of Bunt cards, but I can see where there are people who dont like the pictures that are used on the cards. Player selection is also a huge deal with these cards, as it is relatively out of the user’s hands which they end up with. One week, Kershaw could be a top scorer, where the next week it could be Jayson Werth. It causes issues with consistent value, but that is the nature of the cards.

Because my collection is dictated by a specific team, or by point values, I usually trade my BoB cards each week. I have had as high as blue, but as low as purple, with most being gold. The golds I can usually trade for a few inserts, where the purples will usually get a SR pitcher or two. The week I was able to break the top 50, the player was Josh Donaldson, thus limiting trade options. I was able to get some nice cards none-the-less.

Bottom line, do not go asking for the moon for these cards, because its likely there is not a huge audience. Also, dont give up a ton for the Purple and Black versions, mainly because there are so many. Black BoBs have 500+ copies and are basically another gold card in terms of value.

NOTE: There are a lot of BoB collectors who will pay nicely for the cards, but dont take advantage of that need. From my experience, they have a network of guys that they count on to fill their set, and that will likely trump you expecting them to overpay.

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1 Response to Gameplay Tip of the Day – Valuing the Best of Bunt Set

  1. majortom says:

    This BoB set is probably still one of my favorite sets. As an Indians fan there have been quite a few Tribe members who’ve passed through. And I am still actively looking for the gold/yellow Kluber (50). They are just cards that have to be in my team collection for a feeling of completeness.

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