Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 7/24

Let me start out by saying I busted more packs than I should have yesterday. Its hard to hold back when a new Mauer insert is released, and I went a little nuts. I didnt do all that poorly, but this is not a usual occurrence to spend this many coins, but it is what it is.

Signature Packs


Coins: 10000 per pack
Cards: 7
Opened: 20 packs
Best Pull: Nothing of note
Total Gold SR: 7
Total Inserts: 0

Just like the rest of Bunt, I am a sucker for new sigs, especially rare ones. With my VIP coins netting me six packs plus another 14 through buying coin bundles, this was not my best day. I basically threw away 200k coins chasing a card, but at least it was fun along the way.

Silver Stars Packs


Coins: 5000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 15 packs
Best Pull: Brian McCann Silver Stars / Robinson Cano Silver Stars
Total Gold SR: 10
Total Inserts: 2

I was chasing the new Mauer insert, and actually did pretty well all things considered. I have had ZERO luck with set series packs, and believe it or not, I pulled 2 of the silver stars in one pack with a Gold. Unbelievable. I promptly traded the McCann for two of the new Diamond cards, which I packaged with a rarer insert to get the Trout MVP 250 card from the all star game. Ill take that any day of the week.

All in all, chasing sigs is a labor of love. You feel on top of the world when you pull one, but down in the dumps when you burn through a ton of coins. Wont stop me from doing this all over again.

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1 Response to Bunt Digital Download – Pack Break 7/24

  1. mad_J says:

    Pulled the José Bautista ASG Sig the other week. Couldn’t believe it. 🙂 Traded it for a Tulo Sig though as I prefered Tulo in the Colorado jersey over Bautista in the AL All Stars jersey.

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