New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – 7/31

As with every week in Bunt, Wednesdays are always the big draw. This Wednesday was a bit more interesting than usual, as we got a few firsts in Bunt. Here is my breakdown.

SR Cole Hamels Signature Series


Collectability (Current): Extreme
Collectability (Future): Strong
Playability: CaptureCapture

Here is the reason I split up the collectability ratings, as its clear that there is a different approach with this sig than normal. Although Hamels is a player worthy of 750 copies and not 500 or less, they put the signature pack odds at 1 per 200. What that means is that even though the card is pretty much one of the highest numbered sigs available, there will be a slower release because pack odds are so high. I will state that I do NOT agree with this tactic, as it is a clear push to have people spend more coins on these packs. He was added to the super bonus pack later on, but this just a clear manipulation of the market for a sig.

SR Mike Trout Patch


Collectability: Strong+
Playbility: CaptureCapture

Love the look of this card as the first horizontally oriented release in Bunt. Although it has 500 copies, it is definitely not going to trade the way a normal card of that circulation would. I am guessing there is a set coming soon, and this could be a precursor to those cards. I like it. The only issue was that the pack to get this card was so god awful, that it was hard to stomach the chase. People were just calling it quits and offering sigs instead of wasting 7K a pop to get the card.

SR Joey Votto Patch

Collectability: Strong
Playability: Capture


Interesting choice on Votto, as there are really some huge names in this set when you look at the real life checklist. Guys like Felix and Puig and others are all there, and I hope they make more. This time, I just hope the pack is a bit better.

More to come as always, good luck in your quest to acquire these cards.

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