What Does the Panini NFLPA Trading Card Exclusive Mean For Huddle?

Since most of you are not too ingrained in the industry surrounding real cards, a big announcement was made today. One of the other trading card companies – Panini – signed an exclusive deal with the NFLPA for trading cards that will start in 2016. Because Huddle relies on digital rights to produce their app, this COULD potentially have an effect.

Here is the article from ESPN.com: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11290770/nflpa-enters-exclusive-trading-card-deal-panini

What that effect will be is still yet to be determined, as every indication from people in the know say that digital rights are significantly different than physical rights. However, when you see the amount of money that was paid for the NFLPA trading card exclusive, its likely that digital rights will eventually come into question.

Until we have official confirmation on the future of Huddle, I wouldnt worry. 2014 and 2015 are likely to still be a very good bet that Huddle will exist and flourish as before. It is now less likely (I am guessing) that they would pursue full licensing for the game knowing the future could be up in the air.

Let me repeat this, because it bears repeating – 2014 Huddle is not in jeopardy, however the future is no longer clear.

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