Gameplay Tip of the Day – Building Out Your Non-Sig Collection

Since the game has become sigs or bust as of late, I wanted to make sure I spent some time highlighting some of the cards to chase if you are a bit tired of giving up entire collections for one of the sigs. Personally, I am a sig chaser, so I could never say it isnt fulfilling to get one, but it can be a test of every last fiber of patience you have. Here are some other cards to help you pass the time.

HOF Player Cards


These are still pretty hot, but are SOOO much more attainable than a sig. At 300 copies per card they look great atop your card sheet, and are rare enough to be a status symbol replacing a sig. You will have to find a willing participant to trade with, but with 900 of them total, its going to be easier to pry one away from someone with dupes.

Fired Up Set


As I mentioned early this week, the Fired up set is easily one of my favorites in Bunt. Not only is the concept of the series great, but the cards look awesome on your sheet. I would chase some of the ones from FU2 before going after FU1, but it all depends on being patient enough to trade up.

All Star Fan Fest Set


These are going to be easier to get at 2000 a piece, and they are some of the coolest “cheap” inserts out there. People still find them pretty valuable, and you might be able to get the set for next to nothing if you play your cards right.

Allen and Ginter Set(s)


Some of the cards are going to be well out of your price range if you cant afford a sig, but if you can get one or two, they are really cool – modeled after the real set. The NSCC Ginters are 2000 a piece, so you can get yourself a Trout for very little

Topps Patch Set


Votto and Trout may end up being the first in a series, but I am a fan of the first horizontal cards. They each have 500 copies and are dropping in value with no reward attached to them. The best part about these cards are actually the thumbnails, as they look really cool on your sheet. The horizontal presentation is really awesome when viewed in full.

Sea to Shining Sea Set


These cards were released on 4th of July and celebrate different regions of the country. The Jeter/Pedroia is at 400 copies and the Frazier/Samardzija is more. The west reward card of Posey and Trout will be a tougher get, but it can be had for pennies on the dollar when looking compared to a sig.

Milestone Cards


I love the Milestone cards, as I think the design is cool, and the theme is a great idea. Although Kershaw No Hitter is tough at 250 copies, the Beckett, Lincecum, Rollins and Pujols are much easier to get. I have owned and traded so many of these because I always add them onto trades when doing bigger deals. They are way too nice to pass up.

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