Gameplay Tip of the Day – Traded Player Frenzy Wrap Up

On Saturday, Bunt released a 10 minute pack buying frenzy for the people who were traded at the deadline to new teams. Because the old cards went sold out and no longer score points , they opted to give users a chance to reclaim their lost cards for free.

According to the Bunt Twitter, systems limitations prevented them from replacing everything 1:1, thus making a pack buying requirement to be the method of delivery. For 10 minutes, on a scheduled timeframe, users would be able to open a special frenzy pack for free – 3 cards at a time.

Most people didnt do very well on the packs (including myself with 1 gold over 60+ packs), so here is who I would go after if you are looking to pick up the cards:

1. David Price – Tigers

The gem of these packs is easily Price, as his high strikeout total is worth its weight in gold. Although his ERA isnt Kershaw level, he does play for a team that will give comfort in run support. The Tigers will end up winning the AL Central, which will make Price a valuable asset for your playoff run.

2. Jon Lester – A’s

Oakland was quite active at the deadline scoring two of the biggest prizes of the year. Lester is a lower ERA guy who will fend well in a pitcher’s park. He has mid range strikeouts, but definitely has the stuff to score high points. If Price is the diamond, Lester is right there too.

3. Jeff Samardzija – A’s

Another great pitcher, and one that did extremely well under pretty horrible circumstances in Chicago. He had a sub 2 ERA for a while, but a win loss record well below what that usually represents. That only means two things – first, that wins and losses are a stupid stat for a pitcher’s worth, and second that the Cubs never gave him any support behind him. That will change in Oakland.

4. Jason Hammel – A’s

As part of the Lester deal, they also got Hammel, who is a sub 3 ERA guy with just over 100k. Although I dont think he is as good as Lester or Samardzija, he isnt bad either. I would pick up a few of his cards. The good thing is that Hammel did not have a card prior to this release, which means he is a throw in that we should all be happy about a shot at.

Personally, I wish I could have at least gotten a 1:1 replacement of all the cards I needed, plus the packs. I did about as bad as one could do on these cards, only walking away with a Hammel gold and 2 Samardizja silvers as the prize. I was overloaded with base hitters in the pack, and had to trade for Price and others. Eventually, ill be able to build back up, which should be fun to try and accomplish.

Hopefully you all didnt do as poorly on the packs as I did. Seemed like the test run was a lot more fruitful than the real go, which is frustrating. On the other hand, the frenzy went off without a hitch, which was nice to experience.

The bright side is that by now, there are a ton of pitchers to play each night, and four or five guys wont make or break a few weeks. That’s just the way im going to look at it.

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