Huddle Update: 2013 Cards and Scoring

On their Twitter account, the huddle team announced that 2013 cards will not score points in 2014. This should not come as a surprise following the announcement in the beginning of the year for Bunt. To be honest, the game is likely going to change so much that it wouldnt make sense for base cards to score. This isnt a bad thing, but it is going to change the economy when the 2014 update hits. Here is my experience from what happened in Bunt.

Are 2013 Base Cards Still Valuable?


Here is the thing. As with any card, it always depends on the person you are trading with. In Bunt, there is still a market for the 2013 base, but it is definitely smaller with a huge contingent of new users signing on with the new year.

Because the huddle crowd is smaller as of now, the base cards will likely retain some value, but will be drastically reduced when the new cards are released.

Are 2013 Inserts Still Valuable?


To echo the explanation above, it all depends on the person you are trading with. The difference is that because inserts are rarer cards, they still have considerably more value than the 2013 base cards. They wont be close to as valuable as they once were, but there will be a reason to keep your inserts. I have seen people trade rarer 2014 cards in bunt for rare 2013 cards, but its clear that the market will drop.

Are 2013 Sigs Still Valuable?


Here is where things get muddy. Certain cards from 2013 Bunt have a ton of continued value. The lower card count signature series cards are some of that group. If you have the crazy rare huddle sigs like Adrian Peterson and the like, it will definitely still hold considerable value, but it will not be one of the most valuable cards in the game as rarer 2014 sigs are released.

Dont get me wrong, I know how much people spent to obtain these cards, but it should have been clear that things were going to change almost 100% once the Bunt update came through. We are still 3 weeks from any concrete gameplay for the huddle app, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store.

More to come on this site regarding the main changes to Huddle as they are announced. Stay tuned!

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