Gameplay Tip of the Day – Breaking Down the New Base Cards

Its that time again! New base cards were released yesterday in what may be the last installment of new players for a long time. There is still no word as to whether or not the release of Topps Update will trigger new cards, but the season may be closer to over at that point. Here are my highlights from this group.

Jake Arrieta

With a sub 3 ERA and over 100 strikeouts so far, I really like Arrieta’s prospects to be a part of your lineup instead of other pitchers that might be available. He doesnt necessarily play for the best team, but luckily, wins and losses dont matter in Bunt. His WHIP isnt high enough to scare people, so definitely start the elite guys over him any day of the week.

Doug Fister

Another top quality pitcher with a 2.34 ERA. The issue is that Fister doesnt strike anyone out, but he also doesnt walk many hitters. His WHIP is slightly higher than Arrieta at 1.06, so that isnt terrible. He is a good guy to pick up in case your K pitchers arent playing.

Jacob deGrom

In his rookie year, I dont think anyone expected DeGrom to really be as good as he has been. 2.87 ERA, 94 Ks and 1.22 WHIP over 16 starts. Not bad. He isnt on the elite level yet, but he does have a lot going for him. I dont think he cracks my top 20, but he is a nice handcuff if you need someone to play in a pinch.

Aaron Harang

Last on my list for this release is Harang, who has put up some reasonable success this year with the Braves after a 12 year journeyman career. He has over 110 strikeouts and a 3.31 ERA, but also has 56 Walks in 149 innings. His WHIP is creeping up at 1.39, so its definitely possible his point totals can dip when he gives up hits and BBs.

Bartolo Colon

I literally have no idea how Colon is still pitching, let alone pitching well. He just won his 200th game, so its crazy to believe he might end up being considered among the better pitchers to ever play. This year has been up and down for him, but he has over 100 Ks and a sub 4 ERA. Surprising to say the least.

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    With so many base cards still not released, I suggested to @TOPPSMIKE perhaps release 1 wave each of the final 5 weeks of the season with a player from each team to feed the craving of us old-timers like me who love to collect team sets. For example, the last five cards for the Kansas City Royals could include: Greg Holland, Omar Infante, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas and Nori Aoki. This also opens up the opportunity for more rookies such as Baez, Taveras, Greene, etc. who have debuted this season. Would love for Topps Nation to get behind this idea. Thanks!

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