New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – Golden Ticket Edition

Yesterday was an interesting day in Bunt. Not only did we have a Sig released, but also a chance for something that has never been offered in any of the apps. It created a bit of a mad dash, and I think its worth talking about here.



Collectability: N/A
Playability: N/A

The one of one drives the card economy in real life, and it should come as no surprise that it would cause a stir when brought to packs in Bunt. There is already an element of 1/1 for the Diamond VIPs who get to create their own card, but this is a bit different putting it in packs. Adding in that you get to build your own signature card and things will get nuts. According to the ToppsBunt Twitter page it was pulled around 1am last night, and I can only imagine the situation for the person that pulled it. You know every user in Bunt will want that card, and to be the person who gets to build it is beyond awesome.

You know it would be controversial because everyone feels as though it creates an unattainable element to the game. With that unattainable element comes the claims of pandering for coin purchases, but that’s the way these things work in real life. Creating the chase is what gets people going, and this is the first of many I would guess.

More user created/inspired content is really the one element of the game that I think Bunt needs to improve upon, and this was a big leap in that direction. At some point, it would be really cool to have the fans of the team vote for the sig each week, which will give more ownership and pride for the eventual card results.

SR Daniel Murphy Signature Series


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: Capture

The Mets havent exactly been a stable of superstars lately, even David Wright has really fallen off the face of the earth as one of the top faces of baseball. To see Murphy get the sig for the mets was interesting, as I am sure there are a lot of happy Met fans that the young all star was the subject. Murphy is slotted at a 650 level, which is just above where I would have put him (I think he deserves to be on the same level as Sonny Gray), thus making him more available. The best part was that they seem to have gone back to the 1:85 odds, instead of the 1:200 odds for Hamels at 750 level.

SR Jackie Robinson Anniversary Card


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: N/A

I really like this Jackie Robinson card, but I think its worth noting it is likely not meant to be a sig. This card was originally printed with a facsimile autograph on it, but the Bunt community is probably not aware of that situation. Either way, this is Robinson’s first bunt card, and I am glad they chose this one. This design is one of the most iconic Topps historical cards, and I think its a perfect way to bring Jackie to Bunt.

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