2015 Huddle Launch – Breaking Down New Elements

I spent about 8 hours on the app yesterday, and I ended up picking up quite a bit of knowledge, including some very valuable pieces of information along the way. After spending about 600k on packs and trading like mad, I have already discovered that things on Huddle differ from Bunt when it launched back in April.

Pack Opening

As I mentioned in the previous article, the pack odds are significantly different as the Gold SR 2x boosts are slated at 1% instead of the 6% on Bunt. Silver 1.75 boosts have taken their place at 6% and so on and so forth. This means the gold cards are basically inserts, and the silvers are the new gold. This will make for a very interesting few days, no doubt. If you are lucky enough to pull a gold, make sure you get your money’s worth, as many of them will likely have under 10 copies.

Rookie Packs

Topps has made special packs available to certain users that have increased odds at certain types of cards. This includes a handful of gold cards that are plentiful. They are Robert Quinn, Eric Decker, Jordy Nelson, Demarco Murray, and Antrelle Rolle. Some of the rookies were unaware that these were the only golds to pull, and kept opening despite that fact. As a result, there will be thousands akin to the on deck cards from Bunt.


Unlike Bunt, Huddle has launched with awards for all levels of cards except silver and gold. This means that collecting those cards has become a mission of people who are looking to get some coins to buy packs. You will have to likely over pay for a few of the rare ones, as certain cards seem to be close to impossible to pull. If you open a bunch of packs, you will see what I mean, as its easy to pull some of the commons and greens, but others are non-existent. Just be careful when trading early on, even though eventually the cards will all show up.

Starting Lineups

I think its awesome to have 11 spots instead of 9, which gives extra flexibility to the team. It also increases set sizes, so I am going to have to adjust my thinking when trading away dupes. You will need 11 to fill your lineup instead of just the normal amount.

Fan’s Choice

Peyton Manning’s card is a tougher pull right now, but he will be live for 6 weeks. That means that many of them will be pulled, especially as more users join the app. Right now there are only a few people, but once the advertising kicks in, you can bet it will be more. That means more packs and more cards, and this will eventually be quite common. Remember that before trading the house.

Key Players

After examining the scoring system, I am definitely seeing favoritism towards RB. Not only will they score a lot of points, but with warm up time at about 30 seconds, you will not be able to get a WR in quickly enough to get the points. QBs are also a good play, as both them and the backs will get most of the touches each drive. Tonight will be the true test of how this is all going to work, and its quite nice to have 100 plays at our disposal.

I will be continuing my write ups of gameplay elements as the week progresses, check back frequently!



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1 Response to 2015 Huddle Launch – Breaking Down New Elements

  1. Matt says:

    Curious where you found the scoring system? I am an android user and new to Huddle so I have never played before. Can you change players mid game? ie bench someone when their offense is off the field and start someone else when it is on? is that what the 100 plays is about? Also, does the counter reset daily so todays usage numbers won affect sunday? Thanks in advance.

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