Huddle Digital Download – First Pack Break of the Year!

Wow, I cant believe 2015 Huddle is already here! Beyond excited for sure. I was fortunate enough to get on early and start opening packs, and here is my breakdown. Things are definitely a bit different in terms of odds, so bear with me. I will have a ton of huddle based content as the week goes on.

Huddle High Five


Coins: 5000 per pack
Cards: 5
Opened: 110 packs
Best Pull: Peyton Manning FC x2
Total Gold SR: 5
Total Inserts: 2
Total Silver SCR: 35

Here is how this works – the Golds have dropped from a 6% pull seeding to a 1% pull seeding, which means they are close to impossible to pull, especially with not many people opening these packs. Because the rookie packs were available, most of the users were diving deep into those and avoiding the normal store. Silvers are really the equivalent of Golds in Bunt at 6%, even though the scoring is similar. Keep that in mind when trading – as the Golds are basically inserts.

Secondarily, Jordy Nelson, Demarco Murray, Antrelle Rolle, Robert Quinn and Eric Decker are flooded right now, as they were part of the rookie packs. I wasnt aware of this situation, and accidentally traded some of the more rare golds for these cards.

As for the Manning insert, I pulled two and traded them both for players I needed, including an Adrian Peterson Gold, which may end up being around a 5 card count starting today. These golds are tough pulls and I was happy to get the guy I chase.

I still have about 150k in coins to spend when the new inserts are eventually released, and I have spent most of the day trading. Ill discuss some of the economy in the next post, stay tuned!

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