Gridiron Unwrapped – New Huddle Inserts 9/5

To say I am about as excited as possible for Football to be back is like saying the Seahawks defense is only kind of good. Now that we are knee deep in 2015 Huddle, I think its time to start breaking down some of the inserts.

SR Marshawn Lynch Signature Series


Collectability: Extreme+
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322

First off, as I mentioned before, there is nothing currently in the game that is on this level. I was severely afraid that they were going to put this at 100 copies, and create a monster, but 240 is still insanely low. This will likely be one of the rarest sigs in the game, and EVERYONE wants it. I had to give up a kings ransom after trying unsuccessfully to pull it, but it is what it is. Additionally, it helps a ton that he had a monster game last night, and will likely continue to be one of the top guys in the game. I was worried that the sig design would be awful, but I have to say, I love this card. I almost think its better than Baseball, just from a design perspective. Talk about dynamic.

Kickoff Set

IMG_2101 IMG_2100

Collectability (SR): Extreme
Collectability (SCR): Strong+
Collectability (OTH): Strong
Playability: Varies

Let me start by saying that these cards are going to be tough gets because there are no other inserts available on this level. Right now, they are it, which makes them extremely collectible. However, the article states that there will be 32 (one per team likely) that will eventually make this set comparable to the opening day set in Bunt. With a tidal wave of inserts coming, they will be easy to come by as the season moves on. But I get it, they look awesome and hot cards always are valuable when new. Luckily for us early adopters they will be rarer than the opening day cards with availability in packs only for 3 days per 8 card group.

R Peyton Manning FC


Collectability: Strong
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322

This will be an ongoing set modeled after the 1964 Topps design. I have pulled 4 of them so far in my pack breaks, and I can say that there will be a ton of these cards. I have been lucky to have traded them for some nice golds, but I wouldnt give up too much to get them with availability around 6 weeks in packs.

More Huddle content to come – check back for more on the game last night and playing for points.

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