Huddle Tip of the Day – Understanding the 2014 Card Sheet

I want to do a short write up on the initial stages of the 2014 Huddle Card Sheet, as it is clear there are some major issues right now that are in the process of being sorted out. Reading this is going to save you a lot of time.

1. ALL cards are displayed, not ALL cards are in packs

As we have found out, players like Andrew Luck and Zac Stacy are on the card sheet, but no one seems to have them. They are listed on checklists for awards, but you cant seem to trade for them. Seems odd right? Well, with the recent release of 5 new players in Kaep, Megatron, and company, its clear that all base cards that will be released this year are visible, but not all of them are available. The way to tell is to do a blind trade from the master card sheet, and see if anyone owns the GOLD version of the card. If it says “no one owns this card yet” its likely because it has yet to be released. Dont waste your time chasing it down yet.

2. Card Counts Are Slowly Updating

I have seen people turn down my trades for cards because they show a zero on the back number, despite being out for a number of days. This is an error that TOPPSMARC has said they are working to correct, and you can slowly see them changing as the day moves on. Cards like Russell Wilson gold are already in the 6k range of circulation due to the rookie packs.

3. Normal Rarity Level Inserts vs “Limited” Inserts

As we saw in Bunt, there are some inserts that will populate the “limited” rarity level on your card sheet, while others will be in the other buckets of rare, scarce, and super rare. A lot of this has to do with the NATURE of the card, not necessarily the availability of the card. Single insert releases like Sigs and Golden Moments can be put into both types, but that doesnt mean that either one is more rare than the others. You will come to find out that rarity level really doesnt mean all that much when it comes to inserts. More just for Base.

4. Super Short Print (SSP) Base?

There are certain base cards that are extremely tough pulls. Ones like Justin Smith, Keenan Allen and Tavon Austin are beyond hard to come by, and it is still unclear whether or not these cards are meant to be more difficult to pick up. Some of the cards give fireworks in packs where they shouldnt, which might also be a clue that it is more a glitch than on purpose. You never know though.

Keep checking back for more tips, and ill go through more about the subtleties of Huddle as I come across more information as the season starts up.

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