Huddle Tip of the Day – Rookie Pack SR Golds

If you played Bunt as a rookie on Android or IOS, you likely had access to either the On Deck set or the Men of Action set that were part of the rookie packs. Huddle has taken a very similar approach with giving rookies some nice cards to play, only this time its a bit different.

Instead of creating a new set, they just selected a handful of good players to add to the packs in mass quantities, which is great for rookie players who want to score points, but awful for creating value in the cards.

First Wave (more common):
– Eric Decker
– Robert Quinn
– Jordy Nelson
– Antrelle Rolle

Second Wave (less common):
– Russell Wilson
– Eddie Lacy

Now, rookies have the tendency to not understand the “work your way up” mentality, and try to jump from the ground floor to the penthouse on day one. The issue, most of the people that have the cards they want already have close to 50 of each of these cards. This leads to a real frustration (similar to Bunt), surrounding trading these for other golds. In terms of trade value on a one to one basis, these cards are likely not going to be enough to get anywhere close to guys like Lynch, Peterson or Manning. However, if you are looking to complete sets, these cards might get you a few extra commons and greens you might not have had prior.

A word of advice – do not make offers with these cards unless you see the person you are trading does not already have a ton. There are so many of them floating around that I have seen them traded for commons, and that means its not in your best interest to make huge trades with these cards.

That’s not saying Lacy, Wilson and Nelson arent valuable for scoring points in their own right, they are just not valuable enough to trade for golds or anything that didnt already come from the rookie packs. Murray put up over 2000 points yesterday from the gold card, and that is a big deal for the rookies who pulled a ton. I think that there is value in keeping these cards as they will help you in the long run more than trading them for commons.

In fact, the rookie packs are pretty awesome, as they cost practically nothing, and you get OTHER cards that are valuable in playing for points. Just because there are only 6 golds you can pull, does not mean the rest of the cards are worthless. Just be aware that the golds are not the cards you should be chasing out of those packs.

Please reach out to me if you have questions on offers or cards you are looking for, ill try my best to make sure to respond.

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