Huddle Kickoff Tips – How to Maximize Points

Kickoff is a fun time, because it finally means we get to play again for the first time since the super bowl. The game has changed significantly, here is a primer on how to maximize your points.

Play Counter

This is at the top of your screen and as of now, 100 is full. As you switch out players in your lineup, you will lose a play. If you run out of plays, you cannot make any more switches and are stuck with the lineup you have.

NOTE: Switch players by taking the card from your sheet and drag it into your lineup at the top. Do not take a card out of the top, as it will cost a play to do so. Just replace it.

Warm Up Time

Unlike last year, cards will not instantly transfer to your starting lineup. It will take 30 seconds for them to be active. Keep this in mind, as it could mean you need to make pre-emptive switches this year.


A player will only score points if they are in your starting lineup. That means if they are on your bench, they could get a million points and you wont get credit for any of them. This also means you can switch them out when they are on defense to get points from someone who is playing now.


You can play up to 11 of any card, and I would definitely suggest doing so for the best players. If you have 9 Adrian Petersons, I would definitely have all nine starting when he is on the field.

Game Phases

To maximize your points, you will need to switch out as the games are being played. If you dont have the time to sit all sunday and watch, I would at least switch for each phase of the day. Noon games, afternoon games (415ET) and SNF (830). I would then switch again for the Monday night game tomorrow.

Rarity Scoring

Here is the breakdown for the different types of cards that you can play.

White: 1.0x
Green: 1.2x
Red: 1.5x
Silver: 1.7x
Gold: 2.0x

This means you should always play gold cards over a white card because they will score more. If you have a gold Adrian Peterson and a Silver Adrian Peterson and need to choose between the two, choose gold.

Position Battles

Here is my breakdown of the best positions to play:

  1. Running Back – they will get multiple carries per drive and get points per touch
  2. QB – likely will be good cards to play with warm up times
  3. WR – will get more points than QBs, but wont catch the ball every play
  4. TE – see above, with even less touches
  5. DEF – Defensive players are tough to play because of tracking stats
  6. OL – DO NOT PLAY, no scoring

If you have good RBs, those should populate your lineup before good QBs. I would even play mediocre RBs over QBs unless they play for a pass happy team like the Saints.

There is a ton of subtlety to the game, but this should get you going. If you have more questions, tweet at me @SCUncensored or shoot me a message in game.

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