Bunt Tip of the Day – Pros and Cons for the New 7th Inning Stretch Pack

Since April, I dont think I have ever broken down a pack in this way, but I think its time that I talked about what is going on with the return of the 7th Inning Stretch pack that has all weekly inserts in it. This concept has not been available since the start of the app, and I think there are both pros and cons to the configuration and price.

Content – PRO

The ability to buy one pack with all insert included is a concept that many Bunt users have been calling for. I think that it is a big deal to be able to buy into a one stop shop, especially if you are looking to collect and not looking to sample a million different packs to do so.

Additionally, removing Rare, Uncommon and Common cards from the pack is a huge deal, considering that most of the people who buy this pack will not need any of those cards. Its clear that there is a need to give people more access to inserts seeing that there is a growing frustration among the user base surrounding game odds, and this is a start.

Price – CON

The price of this pack is quite exorbitant, considering what is available inside. 7 cards would normally cost 7000-7500 coins depending, which puts the cash/card ratio at its normal 1000 per. This is more than triple that price, which is to signify two things – no low level cards and a ton more inserts. Personally, I dont think that justifies a 300% margin on the normal card cost, and I think that most people feel the same way.

At 15000 coins, which is double the price of the normal card cost, you would expect to get what is available in this particular pack. That’s 1000 per card, 55% for the removal of the low level base and addition of the inserts. I would happily pay that.

Because the coins are so much to buy in, this con is about as big as it gets, almost overshadowing any point that can be made in support of the pack.

Availability – PRO

I think that making this a standard pack is a big deal, which also may be factoring in the price. Because it will ALWAYS be available (as long as inserts are around), they may be expecting us to pay extra coins for that option. I dont agree with that strategy, but I like that there will be a pack with all inserts available at all times.

Access – CON

In order to buy this pack, you have to spend real money, as it will take too long to save up enough coins to make it worth the purchase.

Here is my formula: 4000 – weekly coins from daily bonus, 9000 – weekly bonus for 7 days, 8500 – easily winnable points chase coins = about a week and a half worth of saving just to buy 7 cards without a guaranteed insert.

If you are a gold VIP, you can buy two of these packs per week, but you will miss out on the sig packs, which are 7500, give same cards, and have the base weekly inserts. Interesting trade off, and that’s only if the sigs are not included in the 30k pack.


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