Huddle Tip of the Day – A Guide to Coin Hoarding

If you are like me, you are trying not to spend all your coins as quickly as you get them. With so many different cards that are needed all at once, coins are a luxury! There are definitely ways to pick up coins as you go, although many of them are usually tied to spending money. Here are some other ways to get some coins the old fashioned way.

Green and White Sets

If you havent noticed, these cards are about as hot as anything right now. Trading the rare greens and whites that comprise the team sets en masse can get you inserts right now, mainly because everyone is looking for coins to spend. If you have a stash of greens, I woudl definitely trade as many of them as you can right now and stock up on reds and silvers, because once the majority of the people in game complete their sets, the floor is going to drop out on this economy. Seriously, if you are a points player who is looking to stock up, there is no better time to get your reds than now!

If you are looking to stock up on coins, however, you are going to need to over pay for a few of the different greens – including many of the ones that were released after day one. This includes guys like Luck, Kaepernick, Megatron, Dez Bryant and more. Try to make lots of offers with a lot of different people to get the ones you need.

Here are some tips:

  • Offensive Lineman and Defense are great throw ins to make a trade look stronger than it actually is.
  • Trading with newer people will make it easy because they will need more cards and you will have those to give.
  • Think of the guys you will actually play religiously – McCoy, Peterson, Manning, etc. If they are not going to be on that list, they become expendable to get more coins.
  • Look ahead to Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night – those cards become 100% more valuable the week of those games. You will have a lot of extra oomph to your trades if you offer those cards.
  • Keep the greens you acquire, teams have two awards per city – green and white. You will need cards for each award, and you dont want to trade away the one you need for the second award to get another you need for the same list. I have done that so many times!
  • Buy the common pack for 500 coins that has 15 commons in it. I have gotten so many cards to finish sets out of these packs, and its good when you have coins left over.

Remember, at this point, you know what the reality is – greens and whites run the show. Now that you know what the reality is, think of those ways to find an edge and make a run.


The borrowing rules have changed. You will no longer be able to get the inserts and a coin award instantly. You will only be given the award if you have the card at the time it is given out – usually a week after release. That means lending out coin cards has become irrelevant. Dont waste your time with it because it can lead to lots of issues.

On the other hand, greens and whites still have instant awards, so its a good idea to find a trustworthy partner and have at it.

Spot and Comment Challenges

Huddle and Bunt run articles that can give you awards for guesses on certain challenges, or for just leaving a thoughtful comment. Try to participate as much as possible, because why not? At least its a free shot at some coins. Go to the news section and look for articles that have the coin symbol in the corner.


Believe it or not, the 1000 coin inserts are pretty easy to trade for right now, and come the award giveaways, you can really come away with a nice little bonus! Make sure to package a few greens and whites, and if you find that person that is really seeking out the sets, they will give up a lot!

Points Chase

After a glitch yesterday, where we all freaked out, looks like all is well with coins for scoring high on the points chase. At minimum, chase the easy ones like breaking 5000 points (you should be able to do this with rookie pack golds), and others like that. Read the article that should be out each tuesday or wednesday and target those awards. They are like another stream of coins that many people miss out on, without realizing it doesnt take a ton of work.

Bottom line, if you want to get coins, it is going to take some work. Not enough to make it cost prohibitive, but definitely better than dipping into the old bank account when you dont have to.

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