Huddle Tip of the Day – Accumulating Red & Silver Sets

As if it werent abundantly clear by the amount of posts on the fan feed, Huddle awards for Silver and Red sets were made active yesterday, meaning that all those reds you traded away for greens and commons need to be gotten back. Its actually pretty nice, because the red sets pay out 1000 and the silver sets pay out 1250! Here are some tips.

Dont Trade Singles Unless You Are Getting Back More Needs

You actually need to keep all the commons and greens to get the new awards, which can comprise 20-25 cards per teams. Do not trade away your single greens and whites to get reds and silvers, as the awards wont work. If you can get back more needed cards than the single you are giving up, that might be worth considering, as you will have more holes filled on the checklist.

Pick out the cards you want dupes of and trade all the others down to 1

The great part about knowing the subtleties of huddle scoring is that you can play it to your advantage. Trade away dupes of Offensive Lineman, defense, kickers and lower tier skill position guys down to your singles, knowing that people will see a larger trade as more valuable. Offensive lineman have no value in scoring points, so adding a few extra cards will make your trade seem more valuable. Defense is usually a waste of a play unless its an INT or TD, so those can go too. Kickers are nice for the games on THU and SUN/MON night, but other than that, not worth a play. Get rid of them.

Golds can be fool’s gold

In accordance with the above point, you can actually trade your OL and Kicker golds and get back 5-7 cards of need just because of the rarity level. Its always easier to trade BACK for a kicker or OL than it is for a bunch of needed cards.

Rarity levels may not matter to everyone

If you have a bunch of commons that someone needs, and they have a few Reds/Silvers that you need, offer more commons for a few of their reds or silvers. Many people want the cards more than they want dupes, especially if the players arent worth using for points play.

DONT make offers on singles unless you are overpaying

With so many active set awards, trading for singles can be a blood sport. Be very careful if you are going to ask for singles, especially if its a big name player or someone who can score. Overpay and you can at least be sure you wont be ignored, even if the trade is declined. Saying “I know its a single, but thought I would try” may smooth things over too.

Again, like everyone, I am in the market to fill my sets, shoot me an offer with a note and Ill try my best to help you out.

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