Bunt Tip of the Day – The Post Season Is Coming!

This is your warning. The post season is about 2 weeks away, and that pains me to no end. To think we are already at this point in the season means that 2014 Bunt is that much closer to being over. Its almost like we just started last week.

All that being said, its time to start gearing up for the post season, especially in cards for teams you know are going to be there. Teams like Oakland, LA and other teams have already basically punched their ticket, and it is in your best interest to stock up. Its still early enough that people wont think much of it, but you may find some wiser people that will hold back on the trading trigger.

A number of teams have already been eliminated, including some of the big cards that were once valuable. Obviously dont deplete your teams to the point where you cant compete in the normal week to week standings, but its definitely a good idea to prepare for competition programs that will run wild during the playoffs.

This past week in Huddle, we had our first one day league style competition, and I can completely see them bringing this back for the play in games. You dont want to be left trading for your life during those times. Trust me.

Strategically play out the scenarios and pick your targets. Remember that the new WC playoff structure will definitely have an effect on the game. If the team is likely to be the Wild Card, dont invest a ton, because its just one game and then the cards are done forever.

With new cards for 2015 likely rendering 2014 cards incompatible, you know that you will have lots of trade bait to offer.

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