Huddle Tip of the Day – Making Sense of the Sunday Tailgate

I woke up on Sunday morning hoping that a day of Huddle could take my mind off the events of the past week. Boy, was I in for a surprise, as Sunday was easily one of the busiest days of releases and events that I have ever seen across all three apps. Insert releases, pack releases, and special chases were all on the plate and I was loving every minute of it.

After two weeks of Sunday Tailgating with Huddle, one thing is now clear. Sunday is an event that you should attend each and every week. It looks like there are now some big expectations for upcoming Sundays including the releases of more Black Boosts, new insert sets and all sorts of crazy packs and promotions.

Now, if you are a free to play type of player, these types of events will require you to avoid temptation for the entire week to save up for all releases on Sunday. With the inclusion of new awards for team sets, I hope you have saved a lot of those coins and are already on your way to saving up for next Sunday.

As of late, Huddle has taken a different approach to coins within the app, something that was absent for most of bunt. I wouldnt say its necessarily better or worse, just very different. In Bunt, the insert sets were build around generating more reward cards, rather than reward money. The singular releases were the ones that generated coins, and there was not usually a one time give out. Because the sets didnt generate huge money, in exchange, many of the coin cards could be passed around, as they generated rewards with each first time owner.

In huddle, the singular cards generate awards, but on a one time basis, limiting the coins that can be obtained from them later in the season. This puts a damper on things, and in exchange, more team set awards have been generated, and award payouts for set collections are enormous. Some come with reward cards, but none of them are known prior to the release. Sunday was an experience in this new method, and I kind of like it more than Bunt. Huddle is kind of an evolution, with more interactive opportunities, albeit paid ones. For me as a pay to play fan, Im okay with that. Its not as conducive to the free players. Team sets are good for coins now, but may not generate a sustainable fund to continue playing at a high level without careful planning.

For reference, if you got all the cards yesterday, you could have had over 100,000 coins in your account from awards. This will include 25k for each EC card, 25k for the gunslingers, and the big 100k reward for Inception. Ill break down the releases later on today with more info on how I see them fitting in.

With all the different releases and pack sales in place for Sunday this week, I am very interested to see how everything shakes out next week. People may not see the fun in it due to the cost of experiencing every card, but a little fun is just as nice. Remember, no one can really be a completist anymore, so just pick the ones you like.

In all honesty, the biggest release of the weekend may have been all the packs with a high SR Gold Insertion rate. With how rare those cards have turned out to be, some of the packs with a 20% clip for 7500 coins were a steal. Not only could you get a bunch of very playable cards, but also a chance at some very nice inserts.

Im interested to see what happens tonight.

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